What stone suits all zodiac signs

What stone suits all zodiac signs

Jewelers and astrologers consider that each stone has the character for this reason stones suit some zodiac signs and do not suit others. However, there is quite large number of "universal" stones.


1. First of all, it concerns those stones which historically bear a certain symbolics and have a number of useful qualities. For example, attribute to topazes properties to pacify anger, to strengthen friendship and to clean soul. Jewelry from this stone recommends to carry the lover for strengthening of feelings, and it is absolutely unimportant under what zodiac signs they were given rise.

2. Sapphires are peculiar universal stones too. They help to keep chastity and fidelity, add to the owners of modesty and quiet confidence. Jewelry from this stone should be worn that who is not too self-assured and constantly doubts the actions and acts.

3. Diamond — a stone which symbolizes the hardness and fidelity. He gives fearlessness and bravery, helps to make difficult decisions.

4. A ruby is an ideal mascot for spouses who live together many years as it inflames feelings, promotes sincere expression of emotions. Rubies of pure saturated colors symbolize passion and desire therefore they can be given to darling if it seems to you that his feelings changed, lost the force.

5. It is considered that pearls help the owner to feel that it waits for it in the future, at the same time it allocates with this ability of representatives of all zodiac signs. However, in certain cases (mainly it is signs of elements of the earth and fire) it only opens similar opportunities, and another helps to enhance already existing abilities (first of all, it is about representatives of elements of water).

6. If you just want to buy beautiful ornament without any "useful" properties, but are afraid that the stone chosen at random can do much harm to you, think of fluorite. It is multi-color very beautiful mineral which cannot do much harm to any zodiac sign. Besides it helps to find peace of mind and to order thoughts. Jewelry with it usually looks unusually and stylish.

7. Consider that the sense and symbolics are born by not only a stone, but also a form of jewelry. Rings speak about fidelity and love, bracelets (especially pair) — about the aspiration to hold down itself a chain with darling.

8. Upon purchase of ornament, listen to the intuition. If the stone something is not pleasant to you, choose something else. If you want to buy a stone mascot to someone as a gift, mentally concentrate on this person to choose ornament it is correct.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team