What tea it is possible for children

What tea it is possible for children

Several first months of life the kid consumes only one product: breast milk or artificial dairy mix. Then new drinks and products are gradually entered into a diet of the child. At the same time it is important to remember that not everything that is eaten by adults, brings benefit to a children's organism. For example, usual tea can do it harm. Therefore careful parents are interested in a question of what tea can be given to children.

Whether it is possible to give to the child usual tea?

Tea contains not only substances (magnesium, potassium, calcium), useful to the child, and harmful. Caffeine concerns the last, first of all. Its contents in tea is not less at all, than in coffee. Such substance is capable to break the mode of a dream of the child. It is connected with the fact that caffeine has the stimulating effect on nervous system that is absolutely undesirable to small children. It must be kept in mind that in green tea caffeine contains even in bigger quantity, than in black.

Therefore with consumption of green or black tea it is necessary to wait to 3 years. To the child is more senior than this age it is possible to drink poorly made drink (with use of a small amount of tea leaves) and with addition of milk. Instead of milk it is allowed to add a lemon, a leaf of a melissa or mint to tea, and here it is desirable to refrain from sugar. It is better to sweeten drink with a small amount of honey if the child has on it no allergy. Also it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to offer children tea before going to bed.

As for kids aged from 6 months up to 3 years, they can give children's tea.

What tea children can have up to 3 years

Relatively recently in the domestic market special teas for children appeared. They can be given to the child from 6 months, poorly made and small portions. Such drink affects nervous system of the kid soothingly, promotes good relaxation and sound sleep. Natural extracts of a linden, a camomile are a part of children's tea, and as fragrance in it extract of a lemon grass and melissa is used. This drink does not contain either some sugar, or preservatives, their application is contraindicated to kids. Also the child can make herbal tea from fennel, mints, a melissa or camomiles. It makes the calming impact, helps at problems with digestion, intestinal gripes and catarrhal diseases. Independently tea needs to be cooked not strong not to cause allergic reaction in the child. Besides, small children can give lime tea. It possesses the calming action and light febrifugal effect. This drink usually is pleasant to kids as it differs in a remarkable smell and taste. It is important to remember that it is possible to collect lime color only far from roads and industrial zones. As you can see, children's herbal teas are useful to the child's organism. However it is possible to give them to the kid only after consultation with the pediatrician.

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