What teeth are cut the first

What teeth are cut the first

The teething at children concerns parents not less, than the birth of the child. First, emergence of teeth is followed by pain therefore kids become whimsical and often cry. Secondly, it is one of the first reasons for pride during development of the baby.


1. Already during pregnancy of mom at a fruit consolidations of epithelial fabric on the place of future teeth are formed, later they turn into rudiments of teeth. The first teeth at the baby grow within the first year of life, growth of milk teeth continues up to three years. Terms of eruption can be different, it depends on heredity, ecological factors, food, quality of drinking water and other conditions.

2. Usually the first teeth appear at babies in six months, but at some children this term can come earlier, soon after three months, or later, for example, by a year. No strict norms defining when children have to have first teeth exist as all organisms develop differently. It is possible to worry on absence at the child of the first tooth only after to it year was executed – in that case see a doctor. Remember that it does not influence intellectual development of the child in any way. The opinion that the delay of emergence of teeth is surely connected with rickets is the myth, but violation of terms can testify to some diseases.

3. As a rule, at children the teeth are cut by couples. The first there are central lower cutters – teeth on the lower jaw which are intended for nibble of food and are located in the middle. Approximate terms of emergence of these teeth – six-nine months. At boys the teeth usually appear later, than at girls.

4. Later the central cutters on the upper jaw begin to be formed, the following side top cutters and side lower cutters appear. By this time to the little person year is already usually executed, but if the one-year-old kid has less than eight teeth, it does not speak about deviations.

5. The following half a year are cut through molars on both jaws, and only after one and a half years canines appear. In total at the child twenty milk teeth which by seven years begin to be replaced by constants grow.

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