What temperature is considered normal at the baby

What temperature is considered normal at the baby

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Thermal control at newborn children, especially premature or with pathologies, is imperfect. Within half a year the child adapts to life out of mother's body. Young mothers daily take temperature and, in case of its slightest increase, call the pediatrician.


1. Within the first week and if the child is premature, was born with a hypotrophy and in case of difficult delivery, within two weeks, body temperature varies in the range 36.8-37.4os. If body temperature rises higher than 37.8 wasps, first of all it is necessary to check, whether not hot to the child. Dense multilayered clothes, a warm hat, two pairs of socks – an excessive security measure for the room without drafts. Without being able to regulate temperature, the organism heats itself, as a result the child becomes hot. Once you dress it adequately, and the condition of the kid within half an hour returns to normal. Temperature can increase right after food, after crying or shout.

2. After bathing and after a dream, especially if the kid sleeps near mom, temperature increases too. It is noticed that after long crying, for example because of gripes, the thermometer can show even 38.3 wasps. At the crowded diaper or in a diaper which is picked up not for the size the body temperature of the child can increase too. The disposable diaper closes nearly a third of integuments, it is quite expected that this site of skin does not participate in thermal control. If houses very hot, refuse diapers, at least for wakefulness of the kid.

3. In the first two months any action for the child is followed by tension. It concerns also natural departures. The child makes an effort both at defecation, and at urination. In attempt to raise the head many muscles are involved. It lifts body temperature. If the kid feels well, he has no cough, he does not sneeze, breath without rattles, there is no rash on a body, there is no delay of urinations, lips and a nasolabial triangle do not become blue, he does not refuse food, there are no allocations from a nose, short-term temperature increase is not considered dangerous. Check whether the child is not too warmly dressed, air the room and in half an hour take temperature again.

4. After an inoculation the body temperature can rise higher than 38 wasps. This normal phenomenon. If the child feels well, febrifugal it is not necessary to give. At a temperature over 38.5 wasps it is necessary to give febrifugal medicine and to report to the doctor about sharp temperature increase of a body after an inoculation. It is not necessary to take temperature right after bathing, massage, a dream, disguise, walk, defecation, games with the child. After meal or after even short-term crying it is impossible to make thermometry too. If it is necessary for you on medical indications or according to the personal decision to take temperature at the newborn or at the child of the first year of life twice a day, try to choose a moment when the kid is quiet, smiles, does not show hyperactivity or uneasiness.

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