What temperature should be forced down at the child

What temperature should be forced down at the child

The increased temperature at the child is the reason of panic for his parents. The first that comes to their mind to bring down to normal, to save the child from sufferings and a disease. But very few people from fathers and mothers realize what is temperature and what its norms as indications during the day change.

About the reasons of temperature increase of a body at children, its value during a disease and ways of its decrease not only parents from different generations, but also leading experts from the field of pediatrics argue. Physicians met only that high temperature is very effective remedy in fight against viruses and bacteria which cause catarrhal and infectious diseases. Besides temperature is sign of existence of inflammatory process in a human body. And here to force down it or not, only the doctor can solve.

When it is necessary to force down temperature at the child

Temperature at the child is forced down when it gives him an inconvenience, sufferings. Parents have to understand that not temperature increase makes their daughter or the son sick, and an infecting agent, a virus or an infection. Increasing temperature, the organism fights against alien antibodies which try to do it harm.

Indicators of a mercury column of the thermometer in limits 38.5ºæ are not life-threatening children and to try to bring down them, to lower, means to do the immune system a disservice. If the child feels quite comfortably, plays, then it is not necessary to give him febrifugal medicines before arrival of the doctor. And here the doctor needs to be called to find out the reason of temperature increase and to decide on methods of treatment of the kid.

Than force down temperature at children

For decrease in temperature at children up to 12 years use, as a rule, two active ingredients - it is "Paracetamol" or "Ibuprofen". What medicine and with what number of contents in it any given febrifugal substance it is necessary to apply in each case, only the medical expert can choose. To base the choice on councils and experience of friends, neighbors, grandmothers are impossible at all. The form of production of febrifugal medicine is also appointed by the doctor after survey of the child and in compliance with its age and a disease. For children aged up to 3 years most often recommend to use so-called candles which are entered into back pass and do not do harm to digestive system. They are convenient and when the child is hurt by a throat or he just refuses to accept both syrups, and tablets. Syrups and tablets are suitable for more adult children when the child already realizes that needs to be made that any given action will give to it relief. The rationality of use of any given medicine, its dosage and frequency of use is defined by the doctor. The children's organism cardinally differs from the adult, each child is individual and can react to medicine in the most unexpected way. Self-treatment in this case is inadmissible!

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