What tests for pregnancy differ in

What tests for pregnancy differ in

Tests for pregnancy differ not only in the price, but also features of their application. Their task consists in detection in urine of the woman of specific hormone – the horionichesky gonadotrophin (HG) which is developed by predecessors of a placenta – a trofoblast cage.

The most widespread version of the house test - a test strip. It is possible to apply them from the first day of a delay of periods. The shortcoming is that the reactant from their structure is susceptible to the highest concentration of HG in urine. Therefore recommend to do them in the morning. And as morning at all different therefore on early terms of pregnancy the mistake probability is high. The reliability of such test in the first days of a delay is about 80-90%.

Tablet tests practically differ in nothing from test strips. The difference is that when using such test it is necessary to gather urine by means of the enclosed disposable pipette and to drop in a special window.

The most exact house tests for pregnancy are jet. Other reactant thanks to which the reliability of such tests increases up to 99.8% is their part already. Besides, their application is admissible in 3-4 days prior to date of approach of periods. One more plus of this method is freedom from carrying out time, that is it is not obligatory to do the test in the morning. Principle of use: the tip of the test needs to be substituted for several seconds under an urine stream. And still, when using the test it is necessary to follow several basic rules: - to buy the test only in pharmacy; - before acquisition it is obligatory to check the term of its action; - to strictly follow the enclosed instruction. Remember that the periods delay term is less, the test error probability is higher. In case of doubts in the received result it is possible to repeat the test in several days or to take a blood test on HG hormone. House tests for pregnancy can show existence of HG in the woman's organism, but do not serve as the proof of normal uterine pregnancy. Therefore if the test showed positive result, it is necessary to see surely a doctor for an exception of extra-uterine pregnancy.

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