What tests the woman needs to make when planning pregnancy

What tests the woman needs to make when planning pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period of increased loads for the woman's organism. That it proceeded as it is possible more comfortably, it is desirable to undergo beforehand in policlinic necessary inspections and to talk to the gynecologist on all arising questions.

Visit of the gynecologist has to be the very first stage of planning of pregnancy. It after collecting the anamnesis, thorough survey of bodies of a small pelvis and cytologic dab will direct the patient to delivery of necessary analyses. But there is the most general list of analyses which is corrected depending on the state of health.

  • General blood test. This analysis helps to reveal existence of inflammatory processes in an organism and also hemoglobin level, quantity of erythrocytes, platelets, leukocytes. Besides, both partners need to know for sure the blood type and a Rhesus factor to avoid or prevent possibility a Rhesus factor conflict.
  • Biochemical blood test. Biochemical studying composition of blood helps to estimate objectively a condition of internals of the person and a metabolism. Also the information on the content of sugar in blood and level of cholesterol is very useful.
  • Blood test on diseases. When planning pregnancy it is necessary to know for sure that future mom has no such serious diseases as HIV, hepatitis Sisifilis. For this purpose it is necessary to take a blood test on identification of antibodies to this number of diseases.
  • The analysis on TORCH infection. TORCH infection is infections which, proceeding asymptomatically at adults, can do serious harm to the developing fruit. Carry toxoplasmosis to these infections (t - toxoplasmosis), a rubella (r - rubella), a Cytomegaloviral infection (with - cytomegalovirus), herpes (h - herpes simplex virus).
  • Visit of the stomatologist. In the list of preparation the treatment of all problems with teeth is obligatory. Caries and other diseases can not only bring to future mom the strongest discomfort, but also do much harm to the child.
  • Besides a number of obligatory analyses, the doctor can direct the patient to the general analysis of urine, the analysis on hormones and also inspection at the geneticist (in the presence at married couple of a serious hereditary illness).

Preliminary delivery of all analyses will help the doctor to detect the possible diseases which it will be necessary to eliminate, make a necessary course of intake of polyvitaminic medicines and to prepare an organism of future mom for the most comfortable state during pregnancy.

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