What the boy needs to know to the teenager

What the boy needs to know to the teenager

During a transition period, the organism of the boy endures various changes. Parents need to give the child the necessary information in time.


1. Concerning puberty, it will be easier for boy to talk to the father as it is more convenient to carry on such talk with the person of the same floor. The child feels more quietly and can ask the questions interesting him without stesneniye as will be sure, the father will be able to understand him.

2. All boys develop at the individual speed, reaching a maturity in own way quickly. Parents should not worry if the child is too long carried away by video games and other hobbies, instead of an opposite sex.

3. Explain to the child what is wet dreams when they arise and what is the reason. The child has to foreknow information on it not to be frightened, and to perceive this process as the normal phenomenon, and the disease which is not conducted in any way.

4. There came time to talk seriously to the son about sexual life. Even if you are sure that the teenager is already aware of events, information which he possesses can be inexact, sketchy, distorted by places. Therefore be not too lazy to tell once again about sexual desire, contraceptives, diseases, sexually transmitted. Tell the teenager about the normal relations between the guy and the girl that simple sex does not bring so much pleasure as intimate proximity with darling who sincerely is pleasant. Teach the teenager to show respect for girls, the guy has to perceive quietly refusal, not press on the soulmate, respect her opinion, decisions. Explain to the teenager that he never has to use force to girls, it is fraught with bad consequences and also a moral trauma for teenagers.

5. Tell how it is possible to learn to control the body to avoid the inconvenient moments, such as uncontrollable erection. Sometimes, that at the most inappropriate moment the body of the boy can bring and expose it on a public inspection his excitement. Share with the son about possible receptions of fast calm of the excited mind and imaginations. You teach the child not to lose self-confidence in any situations and to get out of various situations with humour.

6. Parents will not be able to check private life of the teenager, let him know that at any current situations, it can safely come to you for the help and support.

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