What the child after a year has to eat

What the child after a year has to eat

Food of children aged from a year up to three years is considered transitional from breastfeeding (the adapted mix) to the adult's food. During this period the way of culinary processing of products, their range and quantity gradually changes.


1. Food of the one-year-old child has to be not homogeneous (uniform) in consistence, and contain small pieces (size of 2-3 mm). If at the kid 8-10 milk teeth already got out, it is necessary to give him pieces of slightly stale bread, croutons, cookies and soft fruit. These products stimulate operation of the chewing device.

2. The children who reached 12 months can increase the single volume of food to 300 g. At the same time its 4-times reception with an interval of 3-4 hours (breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack and a dinner) is recommended. Kids up to 1.5 years and to the weakened children can enter additional meal (for example, the second breakfast).

3. At a diet of the one-year-old child along with animal products (meat, dairy products, fish and eggs) there have to be vegetable products (vegetable oils, grain, root crops, greens, seasonal vegetables and fruit, berries). Onions and garlic are gradually entered.

4. Concerning excommunication of the baby from a breast (mix) it is better to consult with the pediatrician. He will estimate the general condition and development of the kid. It is possible to replace breast milk (or mix) with cow's milk, fermented milk products (children's kefir, natural yogurt).

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