What the child in 3 years has to be able to do

What the child in 3 years has to be able to do

Children very different and each child is in own way unique. However there are standard standards thanks to which parents and doctors can find out and track the level of development of the kid.

Main skills of the three-year-old kid

In respect of physical development the child by three years has to possess rather sure coordination of a body. By means of adults the kid masters also more difficult skills: independently eats, puts on and undresses.

Safely involve the three-year-old in homework, trust him simple instructions. At this age children copy parents therefore seize the moment and accustom the baby to work.

In three years the child has to have certain notions of the world surrounding him. At this age it is already desirable to know and call different animals, parts of a body, time of year and day (day, night), some vegetables and fruit and also six primary colors. The child owns the concepts "clothes", "furniture", "fruit", "vegetables" and others though he still is mistaken in classifications. The child in three years usually already distinguishes simple geometrical forms (circle, a square, a triangle, a rhombus). The kid well copes with a sorter, quickly and correctly collects different pyramids and large puzzles, and of the designer and cubes builds simple figures. It can already find communication between the phenomena and objects, to unite them on simple signs. For example, the tree grows in the forest, it is snowing in the winter, the car goes on the road. Besides, it can find an excess subject from presented, define similarities and differences between things.

Speech development in the child in 3 years

The speech development is one of the main stages of formation of the personality. The three-year-old kid has to know and tell the name and a surname, age, names of the immediate family and kindergarten teachers (if the child visits him). The lexicon of the child approaches 300 words. He uses pronouns, builds offers with verbs, nouns and adjectives and correctly uses pretexts pro, "on", "under", "in".

It is important to encourage achievements in a speech development. It is recommended to talk much to the child, to read to him and to sing together children's songs. It is necessary to try to speak with the baby without excess baby talk, he has to hear the correct speech.

Normal the child has to tell about events which happened to him in a day already quite coherently. The three-year-old already can learn small children's poems (quatrains), songs and counting rhymes. However it is worth remembering that all children different and develop not evenly. It is not necessary to panic if the child did not master some skills. With time and the help of parents and tutors (if there are no serious deviations in development) the kid will catch up with the peers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team