What the child in 4 years has to be able to do

What the child in 4 years has to be able to do

When the child is 4 years old, his informative activity increases. Parents should use it to help the child to develop his intelligence, skills and abilities. You should not postpone preparation for school for the last year. To hope for that in kindergarten there will be enough educational classes is not necessary too. If to begin to be engaged with the kid at this age, study at school will come to it very easily.

Many parents consider that in 4 years their child is still too small for any classes. It is a mistake. To put the help in development of the kid away for later, it is one of the most widespread mistakes of parents. To teach the child to something new, it is necessary to know that he has to be able at the age. This knowledge will also help to define whether there corresponds its development to age.

From attention the child in 4 years has to be able:

- To perform the task given it, without distracting for at least 5 minutes.

- To keep in the field of the sight of 5 objects. - Without assistance to find identical objects in a form and color. - To put the pictures consisting of 4 parts. - To find distinctions and similarities in pictures and toys.

- To build simple constructions of the designer. - To repeat after adults of action, shown in the sequence. - To stamp legs and to clap at the set word.

From thinking the child in 4 years has to be able:

- To collect without assistance a pyramid from ringlets (at least 7 rings).-To call general words the general group of objects. - To find those which do not approach in any given set parameters in groups of objects. - To look for couples to objects. - To be able to be at opposite loss for words. - To solve simple logical problems.

From memory the child in 4 years has to be able:

- To repeat after adults several different syllables in a row. - To be able to perform precisely the task consisting of 4 teams. - From the first to call a subject which disappears from the field of his sight. - To aurally repeat after adults 5 words in a row. - To know several small rhymes by heart. - To tell contents of the fairy tale read by adults. - To recall bright events of life and recently happened events.

From fine motor skills the child in 4 years has to be able:

- To start small tops. - To string on a string of a button and a bead. - To knot on a thick rope. - To be able to zip independently, buttons, hooks on the clothes. - To connect bitmaps, without tearing off at the same time the handle from paper. - To paint drawings without going beyond contours. - To paint paints simple pictures. - To draw lines in the necessary direction and the necessary size.

From mathematical development the child in 4 years has to be able:

- To show where in the room there is one subject and where there is a lot of. - To find objects similar to geometrical figures. - To distinguish the right and left hands, the right and left, top and a bottom. - To consider objects.

To teach the child it is possible to consider during walk. Coming downstairs, consider steps, shaking on a swing, too consider. Consider everywhere and everything that you will be able only to count. The result will not keep itself waiting long.

From a speech development the child in 4 years has to be able:

- To answer questions as the dog barks, the cat, etc. mews - to Tell what animals and people are able to do. - To make 4 offers about any given toy or the picture. - To understand the words of generalization. - To coordinate words in a case, a sort and number. - To say letters, except sonorny and hissing. - To answer the simple questions asked it.

To develop to the child a lexicon, logopedists advise more time to give to reading. Also reading books before going to bed calms kids, adjusts on a dream and very well influences their development.

From the world around the child in 4 years has to be able:

- To tell the name and a surname, and names of relatives. - The nobility, how many to it full years in which city he lives. - To know seasons and their features, professions, appearances of the house in which he lives. - To distinguish and know taste of at least 3 vegetables and 3 fruit. If the child knows and everything that is described above is able, so his development corresponds to age of 4 years. Parents should not stop only on it. It is necessary constantly to seek to develop comprehensively the kid. On the personal example to show that knowledge is force. For the child his parents are the main role model. It reads out and copies their behavior. The more parents will enclose forces in the child at this age, the it will be easier for it when he goes to school.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team