What the child in 5 months has to be able to do

What the child in 5 months has to be able to do

In five months the child quickly masters all new physical skills and actively develops mentally and socially. Life of the kid becomes more saturated, he devotes all free time to acquaintance to the world around and studying himself that contributes to the bigger development of physical activity.

What does the child have to be able to do in 5 months?

At this age children fit usually already well, holding hands a support.

The backbone of the kid is still weak and mobile therefore without support you should not put the child so far.

If to take the child under mice, he becomes directly, without turning in a leg. In 5 months the child surely and purposefully takes toys and objects, choosing from several offered what is pleasant to him more. He shakes them, feels or investigates a mouth, shifts from one hand in another. Capture changes, the child acts with a hand not instinctively, and is conscious, he holds a toy in hand, opposing a thumb to the rest.

Lying on a back, the child can raise the head and shoulders. Physically developed kid can even try to sit down independently, bringing up himself handles. Besides, children in 5 months already well turn over from a back on a tummy that can lead to falling therefore parents should not being more attentive and to leave the kid of one.

Psychological development of the child

Five months – an important stage in social development of the kid. Now he already knows all people close to it, opposing them strangers. At this age children begin to show mistrust to strangers, do not go to them on hands and strain at their presence. Emotional development of the child in 5 months also walks far ahead. Now he feels a set of feelings, including joy, grief, fear, excitement and caution, at the same time he shows everyone differently. The child in 5 months sensitively distinguishes intonations in a voice of parents. He will respond to the tender speech with a smile, and here if in a voice strict intonations sound, he can burst into tears. At 5 monthly kids colloquial skills actively develop. He long and raspevno babbles, enjoying sounds of own voice. If parents, communicating with the child, pronounce separate sounds and syllables, he tries to repeat them, enriching the lexicon. Babble he can try and sound various requests, at the same time on intonation and a set of sounds the parents can already understand that is wanted by their kid. The behavior of the kid on walks changes. Now he does not fall asleep as he, in the fresh air, and wants to sit and watch earlier everything that can be seen from a carriage long.

If on walk the kid does not sleep, it is necessary to talk as much as possible to him, telling where you go now and what to be around it.

Game - the necessary tool for development of children. In games with parents 5 monthly kid can concentrate long attention on bright toys and look for mom if that hides behind a bed back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team