What the child in a year has to be able to do

What the child in a year has to be able to do

Development of each human body happens strictly individually, depending on many circumstances. Any standards, templates are inapplicable here. It fully concerns also small children. Someone from kids begins to creep, sit down, to go and speak earlier, someone – later. Therefore parents should not worry, comparing the offspring to other child of the same age. Nevertheless there are certain average criteria of what the healthy and developed child when he is 1 year old has to be able to do.


1. As a rule, the child at one-year-old age already not only surely stands on the feet, but also goes, climbs up steps, is able to climb on chairs, a sofa. It enough developed coordination of movements. It can hold objects in hands. The baby sometimes with a speed which cannot be expected from it in any way moves. And there is no unattainable place left in the house for it at all: it can open any not locked door and is detailed investigate contents of a wardrobe or boxes of a desk, for example. For this reason it is necessary to watch closely the child, new he tries not only to feel all, but also to try on language.

2. The child actively learns the world, but at the same time sense of danger at it is absent. Therefore parents of the one-year-old kid should keep all the time it under supervision that it accidentally did not put itself(himself) a trauma or did not get burn.

3. The one-year-old child is already able to make intelligent actions during the games, for example, to collect a pyramid, to make cubes, to rock to sleep a doll, to roll a ball on a floor. During meal it can use a spoon and independently drink from a cup, especially from a feeder.

4. Normally developed child is capable to remember names of all objects which surround him – furniture, toys, clothes. Also he surely remembers as parts of a body are called, faces. And unmistakably touches them a finger, at the request of adults: "Show where your nose!".

5. The kid has first rudiments of abstract thinking. He begins to understand that the word "pussycat", for example, call not only a domestic cat, but also any cat seen on the street during walk. The one-year-old child, as a rule, already well distinguishes intonation of the speech of adults, and reacts respectively. If the speech sounds tenderly, kindly, he can smile, and angry, dissatisfied notes can frighten him, even to make cry.

6. The one-year-old child in most cases willingly participates in games of other children and also shows interest (let in many respects still unconscious) to affairs of adults. It is very inquisitive, easily remembers the name of new objects.

7. Many children at the age of 1 year begin to speak, pronouncing the first words – at first the simplest, terse, then disyllabic. However there are children who at this age speak already offers. The kid at one-year-old age begins to get used to a pot. He understands that wet panties – it is not really pleasant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team