What the child in three years has to be able to do

What the child in three years has to be able to do

Three-year-old child, of course, still small and defenseless. Nevertheless, he cannot be considered as absolutely helpless and completely depending on parents any more. As the kid who was 3 years old knows a lot of things and is able.


1. What physical abilities of the three-year-old child? The healthy three-year-old kid in which development was not any problems is able not only to go surely, but also to run. It well developed coordination of movements and sense of equilibrium. He can independently rise and come downstairs, and, not serially getting up two legs on each step as kids of younger age, and alternating legs. He is able to tiptoe, stand on one leg, keeping balance, to jump on the place and to jump through low obstacles. The three-year-old child surely takes, holds and transfers objects (certainly, the small weight and the sizes). He can throw objects into the purpose also rather precisely.

2. At the age of three years most of kids are able to use the tricycle, the scooter, and, even without the aid of adults. They developed fine motor skills, they can draw not bad pencils, felt-tip pens, to mold figures from clay or plasticine, to connect the designer's details, it is correct to hold a spoon, etc. Some children at this age are able to consider, know some letters, colors and also simple geometrical figures (circle, a square, an oval, a triangle).

3. The three-year-old kid is able to wash independently hands and a face, to use a handkerchief and also to put on/undress and shoes on/be undressed (the truth, the help of adults when fastening buttons and setting laces can be necessary). At this age the kid begins to clean teeth though was not so able as mom.

4. The child who was three years old, as a rule, is able to sit quietly at a table, without requiring constant attention adults, to independently use devices and to drink from a cup. Besides, it is easily possible to accustom to wipe it lips a napkin after a meal and also to rinse an oral cavity.

5. In most cases three-year-old children completely master how it is necessary to use a pot. Also they understand that it is impossible to walk on the house in the same footwear in what came from the street and furthermore to get in it with legs on a sofa or a chair.

6. The child at the age of 3 years already knows that to state requests, wishes it is necessary in quiet, polite tone, without forgetting to speak at the same time "please". The three-year-old kid can express clear, he takes an independent stand. At this age children begin to defend the "I", to resist to requests of adults.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team