What the children's love differs from adult in

What the children's love differs from adult in

The four-year-old boy says that he loves Masha, the 11-year-old girl sleeps, embracing the magazine with Dima Bilan's portrait, and adults laugh and say: "What love in their years can be!". Actually such "training of feelings" is absolutely necessary for the developing person.

It is rather seldom possible to meet people who loved each other from a school bench, but after all couples which since childhood together meet. And even when follows the first love the second, third, first it is impossible to forget. Therefore it is necessary to understand feelings of the growing little person.

It is worth remembering that the child hardly understands any differences of the feelings from "adults". For him everything is quite serious, and it is possible to offend strongly him if to laugh at his love or to wave away from it.

The love of the small child has no sexual component yet. Feelings of the teenager during formation of sexuality, on the contrary, can be quite strongly accented on physical inclination.

And one more serious difference of "children's" love from adult – its smaller estimation. Anyway, the adult estimates the potential partner, seeing or not seeing in him the possible partner in life, correlating it to some public or personal criteria, to certain ideals. The child perceives still more nezamutnenno, to anybody without comparing anybody and without making far-reaching plans.

Children aged from 3 up to 5 years

It is age when the attachment of the kid can change every day. Today he loves Sasha, and tomorrow can fall in love with Olya. And some kids are capable to fall in love with own parents. Often four-year-old boys want to marry mom, and girls - to marry dad. It is a normal stage of development of the child. Once the child tells that mom already has a husband and that the kid when grows, will meet the wife.

5-7 years

Children at this age like to imitate adults. They can embrace an object of the sympathy. And even if the boy kissed the girl, it does not mean that he can experience excitement, just he saw how the uncle kisses the aunt from the TV screen. If in the house rings or candies disappeared, maybe, the kid just gives them to someone? Very often children want to tell about the feelings to parents. If adults at this stage do not want to listen to it or will sneer, the kid will not be able to trust them any more and never will tell the secrets.

7-12 years

In the beginning the child can hide the feelings, schoolmates can deride them. Therefore boys often pull braids, throw snowballs into girls to be noticed. School students of elementary grades are very romantic. But after 12 years children can already feel signs of sexual excitement. Boys often take information from the Internet, television, magazines and are lost in contemplation of senior pupils. With children of this age it is necessary to be extremely careful. They can meet very strong love which will be carried by in many years. It is necessary not to allow the child to make fatal mistakes. If he swears at the girl, once you prompt, him will reconcile. Or, if wants to draw someone's attention, to explain how to make it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team