What the feeding mom can drink

What the feeding mom can drink

The feeding mothers have to take only those drinks which do not contain ethyl alcohol, harmful preservatives, dyes and also substances which can cause allergic reactions in the kid. Preference should be given to clear water, herbal teas and unsweetened compotes.


1. If you are the feeding mom, remember that throughout the entire period of an active lactation you have to watch closely what you drink. Drinks of poor quality or those which do not suit the feeding mothers at everyone is able much harm to your health and health of your kid.

2. During feeding by a breast drink more clear water without gases and warm tea without sugar. Pay attention that tea should not be excessively hot. Give preference to grass infusions, special drinks for the feeding mothers of industrial production. With broths and infusions of herbs be very accurate. Many of them are forbidden to the use throughout the entire period of a lactation.

3. Have no green tea, coffee as these drinks lead to increase in nervous excitability. Green coffee, for example, is absolutely contraindicated to the women nursing the kids as its components get into milk and can cause rather serious poisonings.

4. Drink cow's and goat milk if on these products you and your child have no allergy. For a start try to use a small amount of a product. If in 10-15 minutes the kid has no allergic reactions, can drink further milk, but in reasonable quantities. Remember that all dairy products contain the irreplaceable amino acids which are not synthesized by a human body.

5. If you have the certain problems connected with insufficient development of milk, can begin to drink special teas. They can be got in pharmacy, and it is possible to prepare independently. For this purpose buy fennel seeds, the dried-up fennel fruits in pharmacy. The taste of drink should not be excessively tart and unpleasant. Buying teas of industrial production, give preference of the packaged, but not granulated products.

6. At emergence of problems with a lactation have the black tea made on milk. Try to drink unsweetened compotes as often as possible. For their preparation use apples, pears. Add some berry to compote only in case they do not cause allergies in the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team