What the feeding mom can eat

What the feeding mom can eat

With the child's birth the life of all family changes, however mom feels these changes more. Besides the new mode and things which she does daily young mom also should completely change the eating habits, everything that is eaten by mom, with milk gets to the child's organism.


1. There is no concrete strict diet for all feeding mothers as different children differently react to the same products. Therefore, saying about what costs or the feeding mom should not eat, it is necessary to understand that it is the general recommendations, but not a blind guide to action.

2. All products can be divided into those which can cause negative reactions or consequences, and those which more likely are safe for the kid conditionally. It is very important to be able to listen to himself because often the organism lets know what is not enough for it even after the child's birth. The main thing is to know when to stop in consumption of products and to monitor reaction of the kid.

3. In the first months after appearance of the child when his stomach only begins to work in the new mode, mom can eat boiled vegetables (potato, a squash, is a little carrots and a cauliflower), bread wheat or rye and wheat, meat only fast (chicken, veal, beef), fermented milk products. Trying something new, the feeding mom has to remember the rule of "one product", that is add to a diet just one and check reaction of the child for several days.

4. When feeding the child milk it is better to exclude in general such products as: coffee, strong tea, any carbonated drinks, sausage, confectionery, fat or smoked products, seafood and canned food.

5. As for fruit, here at all there is no unambiguous opinion, some experts consider that to three-months age of the child mom in general cannot taste fruit, others believe what is possible, but is careful. If the birth of the child fell on the aestivo-autumnal period when there is a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, it is difficult to mom to keep filling an organism with vitamins. But if to try, then to begin with apples and pears, gradually, constantly watching the kid.

6. It is necessary to treat import and exotic fruit with extra care. The organism of mom and child much better will apprehend local fruit which do not need to be stored with special processing and will hardly become the reason of allergic reactions. Bananas can be an exception, nutritious elements in them are well acquired by digestive system.

7. Making a diet of the feeding mom, the woman should listen to herself and to eat food which brings pleasure. Sense of proportion and the attentive relation to reactions of the child will become the best advisers in the choice of food.

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