What the lack of parental love in the childhood can threaten with

What the lack of parental love in the childhood can threaten with

All problems of adults originate from the psychological point of view from the childhood. Generally it is connected with the shortage of tenderness and the love got from parents. Whether but on the business it so and what after all the situation of the half-received love threatens with?

During carrying the child in a womb, advise future mother more to talk to a tummy, to iron it. It is connected with the fact that already on this period of development the emotional contact is necessary for the baby.

Care, tenderness, support is necessary for children. And the child will be able to receive all heat and all love only from parents fully. It is necessary to encourage good acts. It is necessary to install faith in the child. He has to feel that it is necessary to the family. Has to know that it in safety that it will be protected in case of threat. 

But happens, parents forget about it. They humiliate the children, often abuse, offend and even beat. For example, adults who being children, grew in orphanage. They did not get parental love, care. Did not feel protected, did not feel support. As a result now the majority cannot be implemented in adulthood.

The self-assessment of the child is under construction, not only thanks to relationship with parents, but also on the basis of the relations between mom and dad. Constant quarrels, fights, disrespect in family very strongly influences formation of mentality of the child. In such families the child begins to think, chtoon is guilty of quarrels of the parents. He begins to be ill more often, parents give to the ill children more attention and cares, than healthy. Such children, having become adults, will feel not safely, complexes of appearance and weight will appear. They can become even famous and successful, but, unfortunately, will be dependent on alcohol or drugs. In rare instances everything can come to an end in a suicide.

Nedolyublenny adults as a result of the heavy childhood begin to harbor a grudge and rage at other people. It can pour out in the fact that they will begin to scoff also at the children.

That it did not occur, it is necessary to remember that all of us are loved by someone. And if you received less love in the childhood, then you should not be obsessed with it and to blame others. Present the love and care to the girl or the guy. Know that you are necessary to the friends. Get a pet and care for him. It is necessary to care and support the relatives, all given love surely will return.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team