What the modesty differs from stiffness in

What the modesty differs from stiffness in

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Modern people quite often confuse such concepts as "modesty" and "stiffness". Despite some similarity, these words nevertheless mean different characteristics which the person can have.

What is modesty

The modesty represents quality of character. The modest person keeps moderation in the requirements, does not strive for luxury and does not try to take priority and also observes a decency framework in society, is most often laconic. The modesty is found by the person in the children's or youthful period in the course of the correct education from adults, obtaining high education level, erudition and communication with congenial people.

It is impossible to re-educate or change the modest person. He can adapt to an environment and to be more or less initiative in communication and the actions, however at the same time remains is faithful to the ideals and avoids all that is beyond etiquette, humanity and other moral values.

At various times modest people were appreciated their appeasable character, ability to value friendship and most often extraordinary mentality. It is considered that from them the beautiful doctors, teachers, law enforcement officers and other experts performing socially important work turn out. Priorities of such people are directed to assistance to people around, for them bribery, deception and provocations are alien.

Stiffness - what is it?

The stiffness is a line not of character, but behavior of the person any more. Quite often it is shown at modest people and in that case does this quality negative. The clamped people most often avoid long stay in society and have problems with communication. It is difficult to them to begin a conversation the first, to be at proper words. Such people are usually inactive and lacking initiative. Clamped the person can become after receiving any psychological trauma, for example, if took the battering from parents and peers in the childhood or often witnessed manifestation of similar behavior in relation to other people. According to experts from the field of psychiatry, the stiffness needs to be eradicated independently or to ask for the help professionals. If the person a long time abstains from manifestation of emotions, initiative acts, communication with other people and especially opposite sex, he begins to test frequent depressions and gets against the background of it unstable mentality. The people differing in stiffness hide the true thoughts from people around, and once those can "be splashed out" outside that often leads to commission of heavy acts and crimes against other people.

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