What the need differs from requirement in

What the need differs from requirement in

The words "need" and "requirement" are close, but at the same time bear nevertheless different semantic loading. Not to make mistakes in the speech and on the letter, it is necessary to know what they mean.

Concepts and features of needs and requirements

The most known differentiation of the concepts "need" and "requirement" belongs to Karl Marx. He understood insistent desire of the person to receive the vital benefit, for example, food, clothes, housing and so forth as "need". Here it is possible to carry desire to fence itself from such undesirable situations as loneliness, dangers of death, diseases, etc.

"Requirement" is called already the need taking a specific form. For example, feeling need for food, the person has a need for consumption of pasta, canned food or other dishes and products which are pleasant to it most of all, or it has an opportunity to use only them because of a certain monetary prosperity, health and health, accommodation in a certain region, etc. Thus, requirement – the personal characteristic of the person distinguishing him from other people.

Karl Marx subdivided requirements into individual and collective, on material which are satisfied by means of goods, and non-material, satisfied by receiving any given services.

Differences between the concepts "need" and "requirement"

One of the main differences of needs and requirement consists in not saturability of the first and saturability of the second. It means that the person needs food, water, a shelter throughout all life that does these needs not saturable. Requirements are often satisfied once: having bought any given goods or having received a certain service, the person ceases to feel need for them for a certain time or forever. Now disputes on reference of certain human desires are led to needs or requirements. Here it is possible to carry desire of communication. As a matter of fact, communication makes an integral part of human life, but at the same time the person can exist without it and without negative consequences. The same concerns love, intimate proximity and creation of posterity – for some people it is the vital need, and for others – usual requirement. Needs and needs of the person occupy one of the central places in philosophy, social science, legal and other disciplines as are important factors of life of the person. On them the image and meaning of life of the person, his purpose and aspiration, the attitude towards other members of society, etc. most often are under construction. It is important to realize the desires, to distinguish positive requirements from negative and to try to reach the desirable.

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