What the piodermiya at the child differs in

What the piodermiya at the child differs in

The brain cyst at newborns most often resolves on the first year of life. But there are also such types of formations which need to be removed. At the same time various medical approaches can be used. The reasons for which cysts develop still are definitely not established.

The cyst of a brain is practically at every third kid. It is a small bubble which is filled with liquid. Pathology can develop practically on any site of a brain.

What cysts of a brain occur in newborn children?

Today three types of this pathology are known: - cyst of vascular textures;

- subepidendimalny type; - arachnoidal type. The first look is usually diagnosed for a fruit. Such formations, as a rule, disappear independently after appearance of the kid on light. If the cyst of a vascular texture developed in extra uterine life, then it can be connected with an infection or inflammatory process which proceeded at the woman during incubation of the child. The Subependimalny cyst appears from behind insufficiency of blood circulation of a brain. Therefore doctors appoint additional inspections. At the shortage of oxygen some fabrics die off, and on their place there is a deepening filled with liquid.

The arachnoidal cyst can become result of an inflammatory disease of hemorrhage or meningitis. Why there are cysts doctors still do not know for sure. Most often they are connected with diseases of mom during incubation of a fruit, difficult delivery, presence of herpes.

Diagnosis of a disease

For the first time the cyst is found at ultrasonic diagnostics. Usually it will be out before the fontanel grows. This method inspection is harmless to the child. If necessary the doctor neonatolog can appoint MRI and KT. With their help it is possible to obtain more exact information on that, where exactly there is a cyst what it has the sizes and the form.

Whether it is necessary to treat a brain cyst at newborns?

If it is about formation of vascular textures, subependimalny type, then constant observation is necessary. Therapy methods at these forms are not used. After a while brain fabrics are restored. If the cyst has the big sizes, then the provision of surrounding fabrics changes. It can provoke spasms which can become more long and intensive over time. In this case, as well as at an arachnoidal type of a cyst, surgery can be required. The microneurosurgical, shunting, endoscopic operation can be for this purpose performed. In certain cases doctors appoint nootropic medicines which improve blood circulation of a brain, massage. Well frequent walks with the newborn, the correct day regimen affect a state.

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