What the second childbirth differs from the first in

What the second childbirth differs from the first in

The woman expecting the second child already has experience of childbirth and approximately knows that it waits for her. On the one hand, it gives her confidence, with another - causes fear. At the same time repeated childbirth can significantly differ from the first.


1. During the birth of the first child of a fight there are on average 10-12 hours. The neck of the uterus opens with a speed about 1 cm an hour. If between the first and second labor there pass less than 5-7 years, time of fights is cut approximately by half and is, respectively, 5-6 hours. In case of the birth of the first child the doctors recommend to arrive to maternity hospital approximately in 5 hours after the beginning of fights. At repeated childbirth it is necessary to begin to be going to hospital right after the beginning of regular reductions of a uterus. If between childbirth there pass more than 10 years, fights will go approximately with the same speed, as at the birth of the first child.

2. Potuzhna the period during the second childbirth usually is quicker and less painful, than for the first time. However process of appearance of the kid light is influenced by its weight, situation in a uterus and other factors therefore the birth of the second child can pass more difficult.

3. If during first labor you had gaps or the epiziotomiya was made, at repeated childbirth you can have a divergence of fabrics on old seams. At many mothers of it it does not happen since hems are usually rather elastic and well stretch.

4. First labor could happen by means of Cesarean section. This fact is not the absolute indication to operation at the birth of the second child. If your health and a condition of your child allows, can allow you natural childbirth. Indications to performing Cesarean section are cross presentation of the kid, insolvency of a seam on a uterus from the previous operation, some malformations of the kid and a disease of mom at which attempts are contraindicated. During natural childbirth after Cesarean section it is important to trace a condition of a hem from the first operation. For this purpose during the fights the ultrasonography has to be carried out. At emergence of threat of a divergence of a seam the doctors make the decision to perform repeated operation.

5. The second Cesarean section is often transferred easier, than the first. The woman comes to a form after operation quicker, at mom milk comes earlier.

6. Childbirth – unique process, it is also impossible to predict its current with an accuracy. They are influenced by a set of factors, in particular: parameters of the kid, health of mom and child, specific features of an organism. The second childbirth can repeat the first in accuracy, and can cardinally differ from them. You should address in due time to maternity hospital, and professionals will help you to give birth to the second kid safely.

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