What the tale of Kolobok teaches children to

What the tale of Kolobok teaches children to

Fairy tales always bear the hidden sense. Children do not love morals therefore through stories it is possible to inform them of something important. In the tale of Kolobok it is possible to select several important theses which are clear to the child.

Good and evil

The most basic concept which any fairy tale, it opens that such good and evil. In the history about Kolobok it is possible to understand at once who the good hero and who is not. The woman and the grandfather look poor tired old men who have good wish to bring the child. In them it is possible to make out the lump of careful parents. Kolobok acts as the hero as he is the leading character, let and with the shortcomings. And here animals from the wood prove to be as direct enemies at once. They declare at once the desire to do harm to Kolobok. Therefore the fairy tale teaches children to differentiate concepts of the good and evil.

Breaching of obstacles

In the fairy tale from the very beginning it is visible that Kolobok courageous. He is not afraid of difficulties. When he sees them on the way, he is not lost, and sings a song which helps out it. The fairy tale shows that even in a stressful situation it is not necessary to lose self-control.

Avoiding of troubles

Kolobok uses cunning when he sings to animals a song to get away. Here it is visible that it is better to avoid bad by means of sharpness, than to swagger and get to a trap. Having seen the opponent who much stronger and more, Kolobok runs away, having advantage in speed. It is a lesson which can be useful to children if they meet danger on the street.


The termination of the fairy tale demonstrates that the idea of the main character to leave the house was unsuccessful. Its aspiration to leave from under parental guardianship led only to the fact that it got into trouble. The tale of Kolobok discloses to children incorrect motives of behavior. If he remained with the grandma and the grandfather, everything would develop differently. The comfort and love were provided to him, but he preferred the uncertainty and adventures which turned back negatively. On the other hand, everything happened through an oversight of the grandma and the grandfather. It is already a lesson which the fairy tale teaches parents who can not follow mischief of kids.


Characters of the fairy tale behave differently. The fox represents a generalized character of the evil in a good appearance. The cunning of a fox is similar to hypocrisy. She deception forces Kolobok to believe that she is interested in his beauty. Flattery gives it advantage and helps to achieve the objective, that is to eat the victim. The tale of Kolobok teaches children that false compliments can draw a trouble. Not always words turn out to be true, and those whom considered as friends can be terrible enemies. The trust to strangers and unfamiliar people can lead to catastrophic consequences. It is better to take out this lesson from the fairy tale, than to face on personal experience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team