What they are modern preschool children

What they are modern preschool children

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Modern children strongly differ from preschool children of the middle and the end of the 20th century. The world and information space in it exchanged so strongly and promptly that it became noticeable even by small children.


1. The last researches reveal that modern preschool children have hyperactivity, high uneasiness and excitability, aggression, restlessness, large volume of long-term memory, but badly are able to concentrate for a long time. Modern preschool children are in many respects more persistent and exacting to the parents, they are able to reflect over point of actions and do not wish to satisfy senseless requests. These children are sure of themselves and more willingly show emotions, but at the same time they poor health, possess sometimes a number of diseases which earlier children were not ill.

2. Numerous changes in society brought to change and in behavior of children of preschool age. Now parents approach development of the children more seriously therefore the child already at early age begins to show the increased thirst for knowledge and to absorb information which was inaccessible for children of its age 20 years ago. Modern preschool children at the age of 3-4 years are capable to solve logical problems which set to children 4-5 summer age earlier. Also time of psychological crises at children of preschool age moved: crisis of 3 years comes now for one or two years later whereas crisis which came at the child before receipt in school earlier takes place at children of 7-8 years now.

3. However, thanks to modern educational and computer technologies, the mentality of the child becomes unstable. He faces every day such huge flows of information that not each organism will sustain it. Since small years the child is surrounded with the TV, radio, cinema, computer games, the Internet, he learns to handle them, but long time with concentration often gains restlessness, unstable attention, inability to be engaged in one business. Modern children can listen at the same time to the fairy tale and draw or collect the designer, but are sometimes incapable to sit still during the conversation.

4. They well trace relationships of cause and effect of human relations, plots of movies or series. Their views are in many respects wider, than at children of their age earlier, they early begin to reflect on serious subjects. But at the same time can be dependent in the simplest things: to tie laces, to find clothes, to make a bed. The serious problem at children of preschool age is in their hyperactivity and quality of the speech. They speak much, loudly, but badly pronounce sounds, do not try to transfer quantity of these sounds to quality. Practically each 5-year-old child needs the help of the logopedist in formation of the correct and competent speech now. Not only the articulation, but also a lexicon suffers, it at modern children is much poorer than their peers from the 20th century. The constant neighbourhood of the TV and computer games instead of books has such impact on them.

5. In society, close friendly relations between children are broken today, they almost had no place to communicate and play without supervision of parents or tutors. Earlier this function was performed by children's domestic collectives. Today it is too dangerous to release the child to walk one therefore the role of a children's game came to naught practically. The child had training games in kindergarten, but free creativity becomes more and more irrelevant therefore also the imagination of the child is shown not so brightly. Is not present at children and heroes who could learn the example them to moral bases. Modern heroes – bright, cheerful, but mostly empty, to the child it is simple there is nobody to adopt the best examples of behavior.

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