What things to take in maternity hospital

What things to take in maternity hospital

The child's birth – great happiness. Nine long months you are in joyful expectation, think of the forthcoming childbirth and are afraid of each trifle. But the main thing about what you should worry in advance is things which will be necessary the first days in maternity hospital.

To avoid annoying troubles, write the list of necessary things and collect a bag a month before estimated childbirth. Kids are quite unpredictable, and can ask on light before the put term. To run on all house in search of necessary and to forget about everything between attacks of fights – such state will drive any woman into frenzy and a nervous breakdown. And it is impossible to be nervous, it is necessary to spend many forces and excerpts for the forthcoming meeting with long-awaited the baby. Not to drag five bags filled by stuff in maternity hospital take an interest at doctors in maternity hospital that is possible and that cannot be taken. Most often lists of the forbidden objects and food, hang out in the accident ward at an entrance.

Things of prime necessity

The first that will demand from you at receipt in prenatal chamber – documents. The exception is done only if you arrived urgently. Then, relatives have to bring missing data quickly.

What documents are necessary:

  • Passport;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Health policy;
  • The woman in labor card with analyses and data on conducting pregnancy;
  • The contract on carrying out childbirth with the specific doctor if consisted;
  • Results of fluorography on each family member, including minor children.

From things put a long cotton shirt in a bag, but most often it is not required as shirts give the in maternity hospital. Slippers have to be with open noses and a soft, rubber sole. A dressing gown it is desirable easy, without ties. In patrimonial chamber it is not useful to you. Very often mummies forget about water. And at the moments of fights it is necessary. If you did not manage to be prepared, take the disposable razor. On a patrimonial table you can be shaved extremely inaccurately and to leave cuts. Let you will also not feel pain, but why to bring excess trouble? Stock up with laying: one pack has to be for plentiful postnatal allocations, the second packing usual, just in case. At once after the birth of the kid, put on a postnatal corset. It will help you to hold exactly a back will pull in a stomach quicker. The bandage after Cesarean section is especially recommended.

What will be required in chamber

From food practically nothing is necessary. After the delivery it is necessary to support special food, any sharp, sweet and salty products. If to neglect this rule, at the newborn the allergy, gripes in a stomach or problems with a chair can develop. Some fruit (apples, bananas) and dairy products (cottage cheese) are recommended. If the child quiet, ask to bring the book or the magazine. But usually, do without similar entertainments. Do not forget about the healing nipple ointment – at first when feeding cracks can be formed. If there are problems with feeding, it is possible to apply a milk pump. Maternity hospitals do not forbid its use. Usually in chambers there are necessities - a teapot and the fridge. From clothes it is also necessary to take underwear and a bra 1-2 sizes bigger. Any lacy swimming trunks – only cotton or special gauze, disposable pants. Naturally, do not forget about toothpaste, children's soap for yourself and the kid, shampoo, a hairbrush, a towel and toilet paper.

Separately for the kid prepare set of 2-3 baby's undershirts, panties and socks. If it is cold, add a hat. That the kid was not scratched, put on mittens anti-mittens handles. In many maternity hospitals doctors against clothes as for newborns diapers are put. You can take the diapers, but it is necessary to change them every day times on ten, and even it is more. Pampers are forbidden, but in some situations are permissible. Take just in case an edinichka 2-3 pieces. Children's cream and Q-tips for ears will not prevent.

Before an extract prepare a blanket or an envelope for the baby, make toilet and do not forget to thank doctors who at a difficult moment were nearby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team