What to allow to drink to the child

What to allow to drink to the child

The person from 70% consists of water. Liquid comes out an organism therefore it needs to be filled. The standard daily rate of liquid for the baby is up to 180 mg on each kilogram of weight. Water is necessary for full activity of an organism, heat exchange process. It is necessary to choose drinks for the small child proceeding from age, type of food, air temperature.

The World Health Organization advises mummies not to give to children up to 6 months additional drink without any special medical indications if the kid is on breastfeeding. The thing is that breast milk is both food, and drink. Children who are on artificial feeding have to receive water from the moment of input in a daily diet of dairy mix.

If you decided to dopaivat the child, use for this purpose children's bottled water as it conforms to all hygienic requirements, it has a low level of a mineralization. Before allowing the kid to drink, surely smell water, taste.

If near at hand there is no bottled water, you can give to the child the boiled chilled water which is previously cleaned with the filter. You can find children's tea in sale. This drink differs from usual black tea radically. The set of useful substances thanks to which walls of vessels, bones, teeth become stronger is its part. Such tea can be given to babies, but only in case on packing there is an inscription about age restriction. Sometimes pediatricians appoint such drinks to kids, for example, if the child sleeps badly, he can make tea with a melissa. Notice that the volume of the drunk drink should not exceed 100 ml. Some mummies use juice in qualities of drink. Juice is an allergenic product which can provoke appearance of diathesis, violation of work of digestive tract. Therefore it is necessary to enter into a diet this drink gradually, not earlier than 8 months. At first, as a rule, for drink use the clarified juice without pulp, in 10 months it is possible to begin to enter drink with pulp. If you only try juice, use single-component, that is the drink made of one type of vegetables or fruit, for example, from green apple. Do not give to the kid a large number of drink, begin with 5 drops, gradually increasing volume. Fresh juices can be given to children from 3 years, to this time they should be parted with water. Also you can give to the one-year-old child compote. But at its preparation do not use sugar! Fruit drink and kissel it is possible to give to drink to the kid from 3-year age. Better if drinks are made in house conditions. If you want to give to the child mineral water, use only the dining room. From water previously release vials of gas, for this purpose pour mineral water in a glass and leave for half an hour. Not more often than 3 times a week it is possible to give to drink to the two-year-old child of cocoa. This drink is rich with protein, vitamins. It vysokokaloriyen therefore to the children inclined to excess weight, this drink is contraindicated.

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