What to begin meditation with

What to begin meditation with

Meditation – a great way to be released from all problems and some time to completely devote to itself. That exercise was effective, helped you to have a rest and relax, forget about the alarms and problems, carry out the correct preparation.


1. At first sight to close eyes, to relax and it is rather simple not to think of anything, however in practice meditation needs to study. That exercise brought benefit, take in a habit to do it every day, having allocated for it 15-20 minutes. Time when it is more convenient to you to do it, you choose: for someone it can be early morning when the nature only wakes up, another prefers to meditate at solar noon, others can use meditation as the preparation for sleeping helping to forget about the day problems and to be tuned into rest.

2. Choose the place where it will be convenient to you to meditate. The main criterion – to you it has to be comfortable. You can meditate, sitting on a sofa or on a floor in the room, to locate on the balcony or to go to the street. You watch that during exercise you did not drive in a dream.

3. Use any objects and surroundings to make meditation more pleasant. You can light candles and include a disk with the Chinese melodies or sounds of the nature, and can sit in complete silence, can be imposed with soft pillows or put nearby a mobile toy if near it you feel more cozy.

4. Close doors in the room where you meditate. If ask house not to disturb you for some time, then isolate pets. Put the mobile phone on the silent mode, disconnect the sound notifying on new messages on social networks. Close windows if instead of a twitter of birds the lawn-mower roar reaches from there. No external irritants should you disturb.

5. Usually meditation lasts fifteen-twenty minutes. That you could plunge completely into yourself, and you did not need to open constantly eyes and to look, what is the time already passed, set the alarm clock which in due time will notify you on the end of occupation.

6. Conveniently sit down and relax. Your back has to be a straight line, but at the same time it should not be kept in constant suspense. Lean against a wall or a back of a sofa, enclose a pillow under a waist. So you will be able not to worry about monitoring own body and to focus on internal feelings.

7. Make five deep breaths. Feel how your stomach is inflated and edges when you involve in yourself air and as the thorax falls during your exhalation rise. Release your thoughts and enjoy serenity and immersion in yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team