What to borrow with summer of the child in the village

What to borrow with summer of the child in the village

Many children spend summer in the village. Some go to themselves to the dacha, others on a visit to the grandmother and the grandfather. That the summer passed cheerfully and fruitfully it is worth thinking in advance over with what to occupy the child in rural areas.

Games in the fresh air

In the village the child spends a maximum of free time in the fresh air. Organize its leisure. For kids it is possible to establish a sandbox and a swing on the site, and for children is more senior ball games, badminton, frisbee will approach.

If financial opportunities allow, buy a full-fledged children's game complex. Talented fathers can make the platform for the child with own hands. Many children dream of own tree house or of a gazebo. Out of competition a trampoline, both adults and children are glad to it.

Picnics and campaigns on the small river

Summer – a time of picnics and campaigns. At all it is optional to make heavy battle marches on a long distance. A picnic in a garden or on the next lawn – a great way cheerfully and with benefit to spend time. Children not only will walk, but also explore new places. Tell them about plants and trees of this area, admire the nature and enjoy the moment.

With children of middle and advanced age it is possible to descend into the woods to pick berries or mushrooms.

It is also possible to organize a family photoshoot outdoors.

Any hot summer in the village does not do without swimming in the river or the lake. Do not refuse to children this joy, you go together with them to the river. The main thing – follow safety rules and do not release kids on a reservoir without adults.

If nearby there is no good reservoir, establish the pool on the site. Now on sale a huge number of inflatable and frame pools for children and adult any sizes and configurations.

Driving by bicycles – a good way to spend summer with benefit. This not only occupation, cheerful, but also useful to health.

Help to the grandmother

Involve children in work, let them according to the lights help the grandmother with economic affairs. Kids can pick fruit and berries, and children are more senior – to work at a kitchen garden.

Care for pets is very useful to all-round development of the child. In the village the kid can "get acquainted" with hens and ducks, to stroke fluffy rabbits or to feed a goat. In such simple way children learn the world in all its variety, learn to appreciate and protect wildlife.

The grandmother - the needlewoman and the skilled worker can teach grandchildren to embroider or bake tasty pies, and the grandfather to train in elements of joiner's business or to descend with them on fishing.

Creativity and self-development

Even having a rest in the village from city cares and alarms, you should not forget about development of the child. Board games, reading and classes creativity (drawing, a molding, music) have to be present at the children's schedule.

Draw a landscape or a still life together with the child, ask it to represent life in the village.

In rainy days it is possible to collect puzzles or to watch animated films. Do not cost children in the village completely to deprive of habitual gadgets, just give them for a certain time. At active pastime children outdoors also will not want to spend much time at the computer.


It is possible to find many new friends in the summer. Let the child will get acquainted with rural children or neighbors in giving. Sometimes "the summer priyatelstvo" develops into firm friendship for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team