What to buy the child for kindergarten

What to buy the child for kindergarten

In spite of the fact that in kindergarten there is always all necessary for stay of the child there, some things all the same should be got. The garden is a place where the child for the first time remains one, without parents, so, it has to be ready to all unforeseen situations and feel comfortably.

Mainly, for a campaign in a garden it will be necessary to buy clothes. All things for kindergarten have to answer several criteria. First, have to be undone, be clasped, act and be put on easily. If the kid is not on friendly terms with lacings yet, buy footwear on velcros if is not able to zip, then much less fuss will be with buttons. So you facilitate a task to both the child if he already puts on itself, and nurses if there is a need to dress the child.

Secondly, in clothes it has to be convenient to the child for a garden. Nothing has to constrain movements, rub and disturb.

Select clothes which are easy for erasing for a garden, and, by the way, wash it more often – the child always is empty looks clean, tidy and accurate. And, of course, surely sign all things of the child – sew special labels with a name and a surname that to lose nothing. So, if you collect in a garden boy, then in its locker in kindergarten always have to be: - The t-shirt or an undershirt - the Polo-neck - the Sweater - Shorts or breeches, on an elastic band, but not on a button - Cotton kolgotkiiz stay footwear in group are the best of all to choose comfortable slippers with a heel or soft light sneakers on velcros. For girls set almost the same, but is required still a light dress or a sundress. Exercises require sportswear. Some kindergartens give it, you will need to erase her houses only regularly. Czeches – both for exercises, and for musical classes are also necessary. Let in a locker there will always be clean socks, and for kids who can pee the pants – substitute cowards and shorts. For walks in cold time mittens are necessary, it is the best of all on an elastic band – so far more difficult to lose them. From other necessary things – a hairbrush, elastic bands and hairpins for hair for girls with long hair, a favourite toy, especially for kids which only start going to a garden. In general, the tutor still has to issue you the similar list before the child starts going to a garden. He has to inform you when something else is required to come trudging.

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