What to call the child born in October

What to call the child born in October

The people who were born in October are quite suspicious. They are realists, hardly trust others, are inclined to depressions and persuasive states. The choice of the correct name can facilitate life to the child born in the middle of the fall.


1. It is possible to refer clarity of mind, rather easy temper, steadiness to undoubted pluses of October children. They are able to win sympathies of people and to operate them, but at the same time they hardly make friends and badly cope with stresses. Serious experiences often drive them in depressions of which October children get out with great difficulty. Tendency to long depressions it is possible to call them the main problem.

2. As a rule, October children have good memory that allows them without effort and with pleasure to study. From them good scientists, researchers, doctors turn out. They seldom aspire to senior positions because they do not like to undertake excess responsibility, at the same time leader abilities at them are quite developed. Unfortunately, October children seldom prove in critical situations the true leaders as at such moments cannot cope with the emotions.

3. Because of natural distrustfulness it is difficult to the people who were born in October to make family. Very often their marriages collapse because of quarrels and scandals because of jealousy as they get used to control life of the partners completely. They are incapable to forgive treason or treachery. The problem is that because of the distrustfulness they quite often "wind" themselves, and as a result lose ability adequately to perceive the taking place events and irreparably spoil the relations with the close people.

4. It is necessary to choose names for October children very carefully. It should not be options with too rigid or on the contrary too soft power. It is the best of all to choose names which have rather rigid structure, but at the same time can soften temper of the owners.

5. Names from the following list will be suitable for boys: Andrey, Pyotr, Dmitry, Ivan, Fedor, David, Mikhail, Sergey, Alexander, Roman, Grigory. These names help the carriers to open, add them confidence and facilitate communication with people. It is desirable to use these names in their full form, not to be zealous with the reduced options which bear completely different power.

6. Girls will suit names Sofya, Veronika, Marianna, Zinaida, Taisiya, Ustinya, Gold. They promote bigger openness too, besides these are very light names which the sounding help to struggle with depressions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team