What to collect to the child in art school

What to collect to the child in art school

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You signed up the child in art school. To start visit of classes it needs the whole set of objects and accessories. What it is objects.

As a rule, before the first visit of classes at art school to you will call the whole list of accessories which will be necessary for your child on occupation. Often, it is rather big list, and not only a set of paints and brushes enter there. It is connected with the fact that besides lessons of simple drawing at art school of children learn to mold, make, do appliques and to many other. To remember this list quite difficult, we will look that in it it is included.

1.      Gouache. Happens special art (quite expensive). For the first classes will be suitable also usual for creativity. The amount of colors not less than 6, are better than 12-24. It is better to choose a box long where jars with paint are located in one or two rows. She takes less places on a desktop, it is more convenient to use her.

2.      Brushes. Three types – wide, average and thin will be necessary. It is better to choose brushes with synthetic pile, they are more elastic. At the beginning it is more convenient to child to work with such. The design can be any, now there are even brushes with multi-colored shanks.

3.      Simple pencil. Better firmly - soft (marking of TM, HB) or firm (marking of T, H). Soft simple pencils leave too dark mark, besides can be smeared.

4.      Eraser. Soft and convenient in a form.

5.      Color paper. Better bilateral, it is brighter. Not coated as coated is badly pasted. Besides patches of light give additional load of eyes, the child will be tired.

6.      Color cardboard. Choose on brightness and amount of colors. Also pay attention to the number of sheets in a pack.

7.      Colored pencils. Now began to release trihedral pencils, very convenient for children (thick and thin). One of requirements – brightness. The amount of colors – on your discretion, but are better than not less than 24.

8.      Sharpener. If you chose pencils with a thick core, the sharpener has to have the corresponding socket!

9.      Felt-tip pens. Also not less than 24 flowers. Better than the checked firm.

10.  Gel pens. The brand - at your choice. Amount of colors – too.

11.  Scissors. Nurseries – bright and with blunt ends. These are the main requirements as ensure safety of the child and people around.

12.  Glue stick. Better small since can dry up. Buy at once a little and check the used copy from time to time. If the cover was closed leaky or not closed at all, then glue stick could dry up.

13.  Glue PVA. There are some requirements to a jar. Besides that it has to have a long nose with the turning-off cover, would be just excellent if this cover was bright, rather big and with a corrugated surface. Then the child without problems will be able to turn off it if necessary, and bright color and the big size will help not to lose it.

14.  Palette and glass-neprolivayka. These objects include in the list not always. Often they are already available a workshop and are given to the child if necessary directly on occupation.

15.  Plasticine. Bright and soft. The main set of flowers in a convenient box. Sometimes instead of plasticine ask to bring clay.

16.  Apron. Perfectly models IKEA with sleeves and a velcro behind on a neck approach.

17.  The folder on the lock with handles and a case in which you put all these things.

As you can see, list quite long. Perhaps, at your concrete school it will differ a little.

Over time as required some of elements it is required to replace or buy in addition.

Council! Buy all these accessories and put in your folder. Do not allow the child to get these things as he can forget to put them back. Let all of them be stored in one place. Then, gathering for occupation, you will just take the folder and will be sure that the child will have all necessary for creativity. And you will be able to save time for collecting.

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