What to do if at the child eyes suppurate

What to do if at the child eyes suppurate

Conjunctivitis represents inflammation of a mucous membrane of an eye which covers an internal surface of a century. Formation of this illness can be the reason various viruses (herpes, measles, a SARS, a flu virus, etc.), bacteria (pneumococci, streptococci, staphylococcus, etc.). At the first symptoms of emergence of pus in front of the child it is necessary to ask for the help the doctor.

Types and differences of purulent diseases of eyes

As a rule, viral conjunctivitis often accompanies flu, a SARS or ORZ. In a word, it arises as a result of any infectious disease. Can be a source of this infection antritis, adenoidit or a tonsillitis. It should be noted that at bacterial conjunctivitis of allocation from eyes purulent, and at virus – mucous. Appearance of conjunctivitis significantly increases if the child has measles.

The most infectious and widespread – adenoviral conjunctivitis. Initially at the child the body temperature increases, there are headaches and the appetite decreases. Later there occurs recession of temperature, and the general state sort of improves. Further body temperature increases again, and eyes gradually redden. The child can have a cold. Over time also lymph nodes increase. Adenoviral conjunctivitis treat burying Poludana, interferon, mortgaging of 0.25% florenalevy or tebrofenovy ointment for a lower eyelid of an eye.

Staphylococcal or pneumococcal conjunctivitis, as a rule, are formed sharply. At first the illness affects one, then the second eye. At the same time strong reddening of eyes and strong purulent allocations is observed. Herpetic conjunctivitis differs in emergence around eyes and on edges of the lids of characteristic bubbles. At the child the photophobia and dacryagogue is observed. For treatment the experts recommend to use the antiherpetic medicine ""Acyclovir"".

The accompanying symptoms

At kids the disease proceeds not as at adults. Often at the child the appetite and a dream are broken. Sometimes he becomes very whimsical and refuses even favourite dishes. In the mornings eyelids stick together, certain yellow crusts are formed. At conjunctivitis the eyes suppurate, perhaps, appearance of dacryagogue and a photophobia. Pay attention: at procrastination of a lower eyelid, reddenings and puffiness of a conjunctiva are visible. At detection of the slightest changes from eyes at the kid it is necessary to address immediately for consultation the ophthalmologist. Inflammation of deeper covers of an eye, an attack of glaucoma or the eyelash which got into an eye can be the reason. Only the qualified specialist will be able to define the true reason of appearance of an illness and to appoint necessary treatment. You remember: it is not necessary to self-medicate as it can lead only to deterioration in a situation.

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