What to do if at the child eyes swelled up

What to do if at the child eyes swelled up

For certain almost each parent seeks to secure the children against various diseases and adversities, however constantly something happens to them. It seems, quite recently your kid was cheerful, fervent and carefree as suddenly, you see that his eyes swelled up. It is necessary to understand that could be the reason for manifestation of such illness.

Causes of a tumor of eyes

Before treating at the child a tumor of eyes, it is necessary to find out what served as the cause of this illness. Often the allergy is the main reason of strongly swelled up eyes at the child. Parents got used that as a result of allergic reaction the child has a rash on a body. In most cases any given food, for example, a citrus or chocolate can cause allergic reaction. However not all mothers and fathers know that the allergy can be shown not only in the form of rash, temperature or reddenings of skin, but also in the form of a tumor of a mucous membrane, for example, of an eye. Besides food, as allergen pollen of plants, house dust, feathers from pillows and many other, surrounding your child can act.

You should not forget also about insects as their stings can also lead to allergic reaction.

Mechanical activators can be other cause of a tumor of eyes, that is when on a mucous membrane the foreign subject gets. This situation often arises when children play in a sandbox. Sand can get into eyes not only from an active game of the child, but also from usual wind. Too most can occur at repair in the house when construction dust gets into eyes.

Except all above-mentioned, such disease as conjunctivitis can cause a tumor of eyes. Children often play in the street and so that are smeared completely. It is quite probable that the child can just rub these dirty hands the eyes.

Hit of an infection is in this situation inevitable. Therefore one more of the main reasons for a tumor of eyes at children is infectious.

Ways of treatment of a tumor of eyes at the child

If you do not know what actions to take if after all it happened that at your child eyes swelled up, remember that first of all it is necessary to see a doctor. Directly the doctor will also find out what caused this illness. The way of treatment of your child will depend on the reason. If the allergy was the reason, the doctor will appoint intake of special medicines, considering age category of the child. At mechanical injury of a mucous membrane of an eye the doctor will remove litter from the child's eye and also will appoint the certain drops removing irritation mucous. In case of an infection it is necessary to estimate the general condition of the child and his age then to appoint reception of antibacterial drops.

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