What to do if at the child joints crackle

What to do if at the child joints crackle

Sometimes, that taking the child on hands, parents distinctly hear a crunch of articulate origin. Similar can happen also to children of advanced age. Some at once see a doctor, and the others explain it with growth of children.

As for kids, here the crunch of joints is explained by the device and fragility of bones which is poorly developed muscular. However it should be noted that such symptoms can also serve as a signal of congenital hyper mobility of joints.

Parents should prick up the ears if the crunch does not pass during the long period of time or is localized in the same place. The competent expert has to appoint a series of analyses and comprehensive examination of an organism for identification of the true reasons of a crunch.

What it is necessary to include in a daily diet

In the absence of pathologies the approximate menu of the child in which the main place will be taken by the dishes rich with calcium will be made. It is caused by the fact that this element promotes considerable strengthening of bones and joints. Among the main recommended products there can be a milk, cottage cheese, fish. Many experts consider that it is necessary to give to the child more liquid during the day as the crunch can be caused by a lack of intra articulate liquid. As for teenagers, their crunch can be caused by reorganization of an organism and final formation of joints. The main peak is the share of age of 14-16 years. In some cases rather serious diseases, for example, Bekhterev's disease, arthritis, arthrosis and others are the reason of a crunch. If the child does not feel pain when fingers of hands and knee joints crackle, most likely, it will pass after a while.

When it is necessary to see a doctor

If the child at squat and bending of knees feels considerable discomfort, it is necessary to consult the expert. The doctor can prescribe special medicines and ointments which relieve pain. Once the child allows to have a rest and reduce more physical activities, at the same time it is recommended to complete course LFK. It is necessary to reduce salt consumption, to regularly add to a diet yogurts, jelly. The teenager can offer jelly. Now networks of pharmacies offer consumers a large amount of various vitamin supplements and mineral complexes which are considerably capable to fill reserves of calcium and vitamin D in an organism. However you should not buy similar medicines, relying only on own opinion as further they can provoke gipervitaminoz. It is necessary to consult the district doctor without fail.

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