What to do if at the child lymphocytes are raised

What to do if at the child lymphocytes are raised

To save children from diseases quite difficult, only if to put the kid in the isolated room or to create for him a sterile cube or a sphere. But as physically it is impracticable, it is necessary only to reconcile to the fact that children are ill. Appearance of cold or other symptoms can not indicate that the child is unwell, external factors, like temperature increase. Most precisely tells blood, its changed indicators about presence of a disease.

Often when receiving blood tests the parents pay attention to quantity of leukocytes and speed of subsidence of erythrocytes, considering that only these indicators are capable to reflect the inflammation which is available in an organism. In case increase in other figures is noted, for example, lymphocytes, at parents the panic can even begin. Though the increased lymphocytes also say that the organism struggles with some infection.

Often experiences concerning the increased number of lymphocytes at the child are connected with the fact that there are oncological diseases which are characterized by this increased indicator. Only the doctor can make the exact diagnosis.

Increase in lymphocytes in blood

Lymphocytes in itself are the blood cells which are responsible for a condition of the immune system. They, according to physicians, the first give reaction to emergence in an infection organism. Their quantity increases that the organism could struggle successfully with a disease that, naturally, is reflected also in blood tests.

Increase in lymphocytes in blood of the child speaks about presence of different diseases. And it can mean that they signal about whooping cough, measles, chickenpox, malaria, herpes, etc. Besides, lymphocytes increase and in case the child has bronchial asthma, anemia, etc.

When obtaining results of analyses you should not panic, it is just necessary to register in reception in the doctor as soon as possible. He will examine the child, will estimate all accompanying symptoms and will make the diagnosis.

Increase in lymphocytes in blood has quite scientific name – limfotsitoz. It, in turn, subdivide into 2 groups: - relative; - absolute. Absolute, as a rule, points that some common infection got to an organism. The diagnosis "relative limfatsitoz" is made if at the child more serious disease – flu, pyoinflammatory problems, etc. is shown. Naturally, one of the most horrible diseases to which points increase in number of lymphocytes is the leukosis, or a blood cancer. However you should not panic ahead of time, the leukosis is characterized not only this problem. Also lymphocytes can raise at hypersensitivity to various medicines, a giperplaziya of a timus, a serumal disease, a vaskulita Krone, ulcer colitis, a neurasthenia, etc.

What should I do?

First of all it is necessary to see a doctor. Only the expert can define what became the reason of increase in lymphocytes in the child's blood. If you too are nervous, can make a number of the general standard tests to come to reception by already prepared. It can accelerate diagnosis process. It is not so difficult to reduce quantity of lymphocytes in blood. As soon as you begin treatment, they will automatically decrease.

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