What to do if at the child on tonsils there does not pass the white raid

What to do if at the child on tonsils there does not pass the white raid

Quite recently, slightly more than a month ago, your child had a tonsillitis. You attentively followed all recommendations of the doctor and recovery occurred. The child already visits educational institution and, suddenly, you hear from it complaints that the throat hurts again, examine and see an unpleasant picture, on tonsils there does not pass the white raid. You do not hurry to give to the child medicamentous medicines, do not self-medicate.

Consequences of chronic tonsillitis

The white raid on tonsils can demonstrate that at the child the chronic tonsillitis begins to develop. A disease this very unsafe and fraught with what has a wide range of consequences. If to neglect a problem, over time at the child diseases of different systems and bodies can develop. Chronic tonsillitis can influence the following systems of an organism: urinogenital (cystitis, at girls adneksit), cardiovascular (violation of rhythms of heart, development of VSD), digestive (stomach diseases), immune (increases in frequency of developing of catarrhal diseases and a SARS, appearance of an allergy), endocrine (diseases of a thyroid gland). Still there can be a damage of enamel of teeth (danger of development of caries and periodontosis) and to appear an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

Also chronic tonsillitis affects the general chronic fatigue that leads to problems with study, formation of problems in behavior and character of the child over time. Bacteria which cause this disease litter with products of the activity the child's organism that can lead to various diseases of skin and cosmetic defects.

What to do to defeat a disease

The first main action is the address to the otolaryngologist. On reception the doctor will examine a throat of the child and will appoint at first an inspection course, and then will offer the scheme of conservative treatment. Conservative, expeditious treatment of diseases of tonsils is shown in only 10% of cases. During inspection the bacteria causing chronic inflammation will be revealed and defined, further these data will be used at prescription of antibiotics and medicines of local treatment. Also analyses will give the chance to estimate the general state of health, presence of an allergy an immunity damage rate, all these results are necessary for right prescribing of medicines and physiotherapeutic actions. Besides, the doctor will advise you folk remedies which in a complex with traditional drug treatment will give the chance to your child quicker to become healthy. Folk remedies in itself are ineffective, and sometimes and are life-threatening also health. Stock up with patience, treatment can drag on up to 6 months. Carefully observe medical prescriptions, accustom the child to observe hygiene of an oral cavity and to maintain purity in the house, strengthen immunity, you watch that the child did not overcool, and adjust it on a positive harmony, then you will be able to overcome such unpleasant problem as a chronic glandular fever at the child.

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