What to do if at the child sharp faringotrakheit

What to do if at the child sharp faringotrakheit

The acute pain in a throat, or faringotrakheit often accompanies respiratory diseases at children. At survey of a throat the reddening of its back wall and also puffiness and slime on it is visualized. Some parents can ignore faringotrakheit, including it not a really serious disease therefore it gets a sharp, and then and chronic form.

Symptoms of the sharp faringotrakheit

Bacteria, viruses, allergic reactions and even fungal organisms are the main reasons for children's pharyngitis. Also the disorders of a GIT which are followed by vomiting with gastric juice which irritates mucous drinks and causes its inflammation can provoke its development. At a sharp faringotrakheit the child complains of an itch, burning or a sore throat, small temperature increase.

The course of this disease often depends on age of the little patient – than he is younger, that proceeds faringotrakheit heavier.

At children the pharyngitis is followed by tearfulness, slackness, whims, small appetite and an uneasy dream. Several days the child can cough slightly, besides, perhaps accession to a faringotrakheit of a tonsillitis or the adenoidit. The pediatrician who will examine a throat and, perhaps has to diagnose a disease, will appoint capture of dabs for a bacteriological research.

Treatment of the sharp faringotrakheit

Sharp faringotrakheit it is possible to treat both at the ENT specialist, and in house conditions. If the disease proceeds without complications, it well responds to usual symptomatic treatment in the form of plentiful warm drink from herbs and milk with honey, the sparing diet and the warming compresses with a warm scarf. The alkaline rinsings which are carried out each 3-4 hours will help to get rid of a mucous raid on walls of a throat.

It is also possible to do heat foot baths, however at the increased temperature they are categorically contraindicated.

In the course of treatment it is necessary to apply the pharmaceutical antibacterial means which are selected taking into account age and extent of inflammation of a throat to irrigation of a throat. Irrigation should be alternated to rinsing and also to supplement these procedures with inhalations with use of officinal herbs and aromatic oils. Antibiotics at a sharp children's faringotrakheit the doctors appoint treatment with care. Similar therapy is carried out with a careful eye to age of the kid and existence/absence of an allergy to antibiotic components. Usually antibiotic medicines are appropriate at an infectious faringotrakheit. Sprays give also good effect, however for small children they should be used extremely accurately as sharp injection of liquid can provoke suffocation. That it did not occur, the stream of medicine needs to be directed towards a cheek, but not a throat.

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