What to do if drank alcohol and smoked, without knowing about pregnancy

What to do if drank alcohol and smoked, without knowing about pregnancy

Pregnancy takes place individually at each woman: someone already from the date of conception will feel the changes supported soon with toxicosis, and to someone will have the luck to avoid early signs. The last conceals in itself danger not to notice pregnancy approach and if at the same time the woman leads the wrong life, there is an opportunity to do harm to health of the child.

As alcohol and nicotine influence pre-natal development

It is known that abuse of alcohol and smoking during pregnancy influences a fruit negatively, up to termination of pregnancy on early terms. If it does not occur, then all the same these children often are born before term, have underweight and insufficient growth. Hazardous substances from alcohol and tobacco, at the chronic use, get through a placenta into blood of the developing child and cause negative violations of nervous system of the kid. At best such behavior of mother involves the birth of children with a cerebral palsy and psychophysical violations, in the worst leads to death, both in utero, and during childbirth.

Besides, alcohol causes violations of the anatomic structure of a body of a fruit. For example, at smokers and the drinking women children with pathologies of organs of articulation, so-called "cleft lip" and "a wolf mouth" are born more often.

At such kids born by smokers and the drinking mothers the drowsiness, block, a delay of mental development and other negative changes are observed further. About influence of addictions on incubation and the birth of children it is written and told much, however doctors do not cease to call girls as future mothers, to a healthy lifestyle, it is absolutely necessary for existence of mankind.

What to do if did not know?

If you learned that you are pregnant and it became for you surprise: First, calm down. Nerves in this case not only do not promote improvement of a situation, and can do much harm only even more. Secondly, refuse addictions at once as pregnancies made sure available. It can be difficult business, especially if smoking or drinking of strong drinks were not incidental, but the female body has special forces at this time, your task to activate them, having decided once and for all that own health and health of the kid for you above all. Thirdly, go to appointment. Finally make sure that pregnancy happened (is not extra-uterine and other). Share the fears with the expert. He will prompt what to undertake to level negative influences and also, in case of need, will offer you additional diagnostic procedures. And the last, trust in the best. Ask forgiveness for the kid that you harmed yourself and it. Usually it helps to find composure, to improve health. Eat properly and fully, walk more, listen to good music. In a word, get used that you will become soon happy mom of the little wonderful kid who needs your care and protection already now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team