What to do if scoff at school

What to do if scoff at school

Teenagers who never faced mockery at school were actually very lucky. As children very cruel, mockeries can have serious impact, spoil mood, to leave deep psychological wounds. How to be if scoff at school?

For a start it is necessary to realize and understand motives by which offenders are guided. Most often it is the following motives: envy, desire to gain popularity and authority among the peers, rage which is connected with teenage problems, desire to look abruptly, to have the power over the person. As we see, there is no reason which directly would concern that person at whom scoff.

The teenager has to know that if scoff at him at school, then it is not his wine. It is impossible to blame himself or the appearance, nationality, feelings, hobbies, opinions at all. Always it is necessary to be proud of that who you are is.

It is not a shame to ask about the help, the events can be told the teacher, parents, the school psychologist. If the teenager faced mockeries at school, it is necessary to make the following.

1. Not to react in any way to the offender. If in any way it bothers not to react to the person who tries to touch then soon to it, and it will just lag behind.

2. To care for the safety. If the offender can physically wound, then it is better to leave.

3. To report about mockeries. Not to be afraid to report about it to the teacher or the principal.

How to overcome psychological consequences of mockeries?

1. It is necessary to find those people who share interests, to get their support.

2. To tell about experiences to that person who causes trust. It is impossible to carry everything in itself.

3. To develop self-confidence.

4. Not to think of humiliations which had to be undergone. It is better to remember those moments when people treated kindly.

5. Not to blame themselves for the fact that wounds heal not so quickly.

6. To talk to that person at whom scoff at school too. It is so possible to understand that there are also others with similar problems.

7. Help to somebody. It is possible to get a job the volunteer in charity organization. One of the best ways to forget the troubles – to help others with a difficult situation.

8. To do sports. It is quite good to register in some section on martial arts. As they say, "a sound mind in a sound body". It will help to cope with a trauma, and in case of need to fight back the offenders.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team