What to do if stood in the corner

What to do if stood in the corner

To stand in the corner is very widespread punishment among parents of all generations. In good old times there was a tradition to force disobedient children to the knees in a corner where peas are filled. Modern parents in the majority commute a penalty, excepting peas a little.


1. The main thing — without panic, is not doomsday yet, you will leave the terrible corner soon. Calm down, make a deep breath and an exhalation. Eliminate crying and sobbing – they to you will not help to leave a corner.

2. If your parents were experts on good old traditions and forced you to the knees in that corner where nevertheless peas are filled, then take heart - it is torture still that. Accurately knees distribute peas so that he did not stick to you into a body, and just lay nearby. If parents turned away or left to other room, can help yourself with it by means of hands.

3. It is clear, for you it is a pity that with you so managed, but think why it occurred. Soberly analyze the fault, consider behavior. Parents are not always right too, but they will not stand the child in the corner just like that, for anything. There has to be a reason, and so understand it.

4. Call the parent who made the decision on standing you in the corner. Quietly, without hysterics, tears and sobbing tell it what all of you properly considered and understood in what were not right, cross through the offense and ask forgiveness. Yes, it will be difficult, but to recognize the mistakes it is necessary to be able. By the way, even many adults are not able to do it.

5. If you are still reluctant and consider yourself the innocent, then think better still because usually stand in the corner in order that the person considered in what he was not right. If it did not occur, hardly you will manage to leave a corner shortly.

6. The child is younger, the easier he transfers similar punishment. If you are stood in the corner systematically, and in same, you can think up a hiding place with small toys, for example, there from under the Kinder surprise that it was more cheerful to sit in a corner. However, be more careful, parents can see you. Playing, do not forget to think and analyze the behavior.

7. If you already rather adult, then after ask forgiveness, and you release from a corner, seriously talk to parents. Explain to them that you already grew up and similar punishment humiliates you. Reach compromise and try to agree that to you thought up the new, corresponding to age punishment. It can do to parents even did not come to mind, they by all means have to hear and understand you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team