What to do if summer vacation has to be spent in the city?

What to do if summer vacation has to be spent in the city?

With approach of summer the most wonderful time for school students begins. Homeworks are forgotten, often, as a bad dream, lessons are finished, classes in sections are suspended. Freedom!

Before parents there is a serious question – how to organize leisure of the child cheerfully, interestingly and with benefit.

A large number of free time on summer vacation gives to the child the chance to play enough, communicate much to friends, to move and spend more time in the pleasure. And it is fine! But you should not disregard free time of the child. And that control was not strict and tiresome, spend more summer leisure-time together. And we prepared for you recipes of the best joint holiday.

Summer in the city – it is not boring

Unfortunately, and especially to the sea, each parent has an opportunity to take out the school student to the dacha not, but also it is possible to find interesting pastime in the city.

In the cities a big variety of entertainment centers, parks, mass events are held. It is a pity that such pleasures cost much for family enough.

Even mudflows you have no opportunity for entertainments of this sort at all, it is always possible to walk to the next park, and perhaps in the city there will take place free actions – the concerts devoted to holidays, festivals or Open Days at the museum.

It is possible to go to the neighboring area or the city, to study local attractions and to wander on small streets. Change of a situation very much expands consciousness.

Sometimes, weather brings, or just there is no wish to go anywhere. Then it is possible to find many interesting classes of the house:

  • Train the child in needlework. If you are able to knit, embroider, sew, burn out on a tree, the summer - the best period to share the abilities with the child. Such classes not only bring together, but also increase your authority. And if you have no special abilities, then why not to learn something interesting together.
  • Occupation which can gather big family – board games. You go to specialized shop with games or book, as a rule, there too there is a good choice. Pick up the game corresponding to temperament of your family. Perhaps, it will be something intellectual, or on the contrary that in which it is necessary to move; silent or noisy.
  • Put puzzles. Big and small. Settle more conveniently, directly on a floor, and devote quiet summer evening to quiet entertainment and the same conversation. Behind such talk you will be able to know better your child, and he you.
  • Begin to collect a collection. Are excellent option for summer – flowers, leaves (it is possible to dry and make them a herbarium), different stones. It will develop in the child inquisitiveness and attentiveness to the world around.

But, of course, it is better to spend most much time on the street.

Adults have many cases and duties, and is frequent, it is necessary to leave the child unguarded in the summer. Important! The child of elementary grades should not walk without maintenance. Whatever fine was weather on the street, safety above all. At all employment try to find several hours to spend time with the child.

Go together to bathe and if you can, teach the child to float. Tell about rules of conduct on water. Children of middle age teach to give first aid and if you have absolutely a kid, study local frogs and ants, pebbles and shells.

It is very good to get out for the whole day, or even to couple of days, to fishing. To learn to catch fish and to cook a fish soup on a fire – that can be more interesting to the teenager.

And here couple more of the interesting ideas

And, interesting both to children, and parents.

Arrange joint drivings on rollers and bicycles. Even if you do not have the, more and more rental centers open now.

Learn together a foreign language. For Chinese can and you should not undertake, but English will prevent to tighten never. And can add Italian, French or Portuguese to knowledge base? You learn every day 10 words, and by the end of summer at you the quite good lexicon will run.

Summer – wonderful time, and summer vacation – gives the magnificent chance to become closer to the school student, to learn a lot of new, to find new hobbies, and it is fine to spend time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team