What to do if tears the child

What to do if tears the child

Vomiting is reflex removal from a stomach of the remains of undigested food. It is not always result of a digestive tract disease. The child can tear also from overeating, from the use by mom of substandard products, from individual intolerance of certain types of food, sometimes milk.

If vomiting proved once, then you should not show concern about it. If the child is torn by every time as the minimum quantity of food or liquid gets into a stomach even - it is necessary to see a doctor. The fact is that she can be a consequence of intestinal infection. Therefore, the earlier you ask for the qualified help, rather your child will feel better.

Keep in mind that at vomiting child's organism is very quickly dehydrated therefore it is necessary that the kid used as much as possible liquid. The problem that, first, the child, most likely, will refuse drink, secondly, a large amount of liquid will not begin to be kept by a ventricle. Therefore it is better to allow to drink gradually, teaspoons. If it is not possible - fill in by means of the syringe directly in a mouth. Suggest to drink more often, literally each 5-10 minutes. As drink black or camomile tea best of all will approach. Temperature of tea has to be very warm (not more hotly!), so it will much quicker be soaked up in stomach walls.

Besides tea it is necessary to give also medicines: "to dilute on 1/2 glasses of warm water. About one year it is quite enough to children to use 1 bag per day, not less than 3 days. Enterodez part at the rate of 2.5 g of powder on 50 ml of the cooled boiled water. Children up to 3 years need to drink about 100 ml of solution a day.

Vomiting, as a rule, proceeds against the background of high temperature. If it does not exceed 38 degrees, you should not force down. If begins to read off scale - give any febrifugal Panadol, "Nurofen", Kalpol in the form of suspension or candles. It is necessary to consider the fact that each of medicines can be given only once for a certain period (5-6 hours). Therefore, in order to avoid overdose, medicines should be alternated.

Some time take the kid on a nonmilk diet. But do not exclude breast milk as it will help to cope with an illness much quicker.

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