What to do if the baby is capricious

What to do if the baby is capricious

Future mothers often are afraid of crying of babies because do not know how to treat the crying or capricious kid. It is necessary to learn till the birth of the baby about the possible reasons of crying of the baby and ways to calm him.

What is whims

It is not too correct to say that the baby is capricious. The whim, according to the dictionary by Ushakov, is a whim, unmotivated desire. Whereas the baby cries only if to him inconveniently and he needs something. What the crying baby needs – it is necessary to define him to mom. Actually, the reasons for crying of the baby are not much. Not all of them are, however, easily removable.

Desire of comfort

The reasons of crying of the baby can be a little. Among them the simplest and frequent is a wet diaper. Intuitively the kid wishes to be in heat and dryness. As soon as he feels that to it it is uncomfortable, he will call mom. If this feeling prevents it to sleep. The only way to call mom for the baby – crying. Therefore the first action of mom for calm of the newborn – change of a diaper.


If the baby got hungry, then he will surely report about it to the mom crying. In the first month of the life the child most often wakes up from hunger. Actually to eat, it also wakens. Urination, for example, happens in a dream. Therefore after change of a diaper of the baby it is necessary to feed.


Pain is too feeling of discomfort with which the child should help to cope. The causes of pain can be different. It can be intestinal gripes or the cut teeth. If to the kid replaced a diaper, fed him, and he does not stop crying and cannot fall asleep, then, most likely, the reason in pain. If age of the kid 1-3 months, then more possibly painful feelings are connected with gripes. In this case it is necessary to put a warm diaper or a hot-water bottle on a stomach of the baby, to carry out massage of a stomach clockwise and to give children's gripes medicine. Crying from a toothache is more probable at the age of the kid 5 months are more senior. In this case the anesthetizing medicines will help. Sucking of a breast for the baby gradually becomes something big, than just in the way to remove hunger. It as well way of natural anesthesia. Therefore slightly grown up kid can ask a breast not only for hunger, but also to calm down and reduce pain including tooth.

Desire of communication

Desire of corporal contact, touches is not just a whim of the baby, and his vital need. Therefore the kid can be full, dry, nothing hurts him, but he continues to cry. It occurs because he wants attention and communication. It is necessary to find "golden mean" in this question. For the kid ideally is on hands at mom round the clock. But it is quite clear that it is impossible. Therefore mom has to find necessary balance that also the kid had an opportunity to stay at it on hands, and she could make necessary affairs. As the distortion towards continuous hyper care of the kid (mom gives up all affairs and always immediately runs up to the child at the slightest crying), and leads ignoring of need of the baby for communication to formation of the whimsical child. Anyway at first it is necessary to remove the simplest causes of possible crying and whims of the kid – a wet diaper and hunger. If an alleged cause in pain, then it is not necessary to expect immediate effect of the taken measures for its easing. To reduce it can be difficult and long. Sometimes time and care of beloved mom that the baby calmed down is necessary just.

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