What to do if the baby is hurt by a stomach

What to do if the baby is hurt by a stomach

Literally each mom of the small child at the beginning of his life faces such phenomenon as tummy pains, desperate crying, unwillingness to sleep. Than to help the angel?

Many printing editions warn young mothers about need of a diet during feeding of the kid breast milk. Mom's food directly affects health of the child.

But, despite preventions and attempts of the feeding mummies to adhere to a diet, the problem nevertheless does not disappear and ways of treatment of gripes do not lose the relevance. Especially, means which will instantly calm one kid can not make any impact on digestive system of another. What most widespread and effective means can be prompted if the baby is hurt by a stomach?

First of all mom's diet will help to cope with a problem. It is necessary to make the list of the resolved products, having hung up it on the fridge as a reminder.

Several ways: how quickly to remove tummy pain at the child

Spasms at the baby can be removed by means of massage, to drive a hand on a tummy a spiral on the movement of an hour hand. To put the folded heated diaper or to press small a tummy to the naked stomach. Warmly maternal body will calm pains. If the tummy hums, then it is possible to give dill water, infusion of a pharmaceutical camomile or Espumizan, "Heppi-Bebi", "Bebinos", "Plantex", "Beybi-Kalm". To apply medicines strictly according to the instruction not to increase a dosage at all! If month to the child hurts a stomach all the time from the birth in spite of the fact that mom keeps to all put diets, then perhaps she forgets to lift the kid vertically for 15 minutes after feeding? If all conventions are observed, and the problem remained, then it is necessary to begin to take medicine. For a start it is necessary to pay attention what consistence of a chair of the baby. The lock at the baby can be considered in two forms. Functional and organic. Functional can arise at a lack of liquid, dysbacteriosis, an allergy or the shortage of iron. Organic is a malformation of the child, surgical intervention is necessary here.

What will help at locks?

If the baby the baby, then is enough to give him necessary amount of liquid how many he wants, the problem will be solved. And here if the child is on artificial feeding, then you should not change mixes. A bit earlier to enter a puree feeding up, juice, to give more water. At a lock it is possible to give to the child laxatives from the series "Normaze", "Prelaks". They do not cause accustoming. As warm-up before feeding it is worth putting the child a stomach down, to make light massage, to move legs.

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