What to do if the baby on a face had small red heat-spots

What to do if the baby on a face had small red heat-spots

Young mom daily carefully examines the child and begins to worry if she finds something unknown. Most often it is necessary to face appearance of small red pimples on a gentle children's face. You should not indulge in panic, to get rid of unpleasant rashes quite really.

If the rash at the baby is revealed, it is impossible to disregard this fact. Quietly find out origin of rash and save the baby from this discomfort.

The causes of heat-spots at babies

Appearance of rash can be the reason not only external irritants, but also growing, development of the child. If the baby is about two-three weeks old, and heat-spots developed in cheeks and a neck, it speaks about the beginning of formation of a hormonal background. As a rule, rashes pass independently by three months of life. The feature is that heat-spots have constant red color, sometimes with whitish core.

Pay attention to food of the nursing mother. If after the use of certain products of reddening in cheeks become much brighter, it speaks about presence of an allergy. Exclude an improper product from a diet, usually small child reacts a rash to such irritants: a citrus, sweet, and sometimes and on cow's milk.

It is possible to avoid appearance of pimples, adhering to a diet for the nursing mother. Several times a day arrange to the newborn air bathtubs. Wash children's clothes separately from the adult, using special detergents.

If appearance of pimples is followed by gripes, concern, violation of a chair, it can be a signal to an intestinal dysbiosis. Make the expanded test a calla. Discuss the received result with the pediatrician. At identification of deviations will prescribe the child necessary medicines for restoration of microflora.

Pimples on the face can sometimes speak about the beginning of development of any disease. Do not make the diagnosis independently. Address the local pediatrician for council.

Change of climate can also provoke appearance of pimples. The baby does not need treatment as rashes disappear after several days of adaptation and do not require special attention. Too warm room or too warm clothing of newborns is the reason for rashes too - the potnitsa develops. Usually heat-spots begin to develop on a neck of the baby, and then rise to the person. To define that too hot it is possible for the child that his face becomes red. Do not overheat the child. Dressing the kid, you use the simple scheme: "clothes for +1". It means what is required to the child one thing more, than to the adult. For example, on you an undershirt, on the kid - an undershirt and a jacket.

Measures for treatment of rashes

Having found out the cause of rashes, begin the correct care for them. Twice a day wipe the face of the newborn with the cotton wool moistened in warm boiled water. Bathing the kid in a bathtub, add a little potassium permanganate to water. Water has to be light pink color. It will help to dry the formed gnoynichka. It is possible to use a camomile and a train. Do not squeeze out pimples at all, it can promote entering of an infection in open wounds. Also for processing reddening do not use fat oils, antihistaminic medicines, hormonal ointments, powder.

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