What to do if the child badly falls asleep in the evening

What to do if the child badly falls asleep in the evening

Even if your kid was very tired in a day, to it is not easy independently "to switch in the rest mode" and quietly to fall asleep. On the contrary, when time to go to bed comes, the child can become more noisy and active. To calm down, the help of the adult is necessary for it.

Day regimen

The day regimen is important for any person, and for the kid especially. Having got used to live in a certain rhythm, the child passes from wakefulness for sleeping easier and vice versa. The accurate schedule systematizes his life, stacking the child at the same time, parents help it to develop a useful habit to fill up quietly.

Withdrawal ritual for sleeping

One more reception helping the child to calm down and fall asleep without problems is the laying ritual repeating day by day. Those parents who consider that nightly execution of certain actions takes away a lot of time are mistaken. Laying of the kid directly after the noisy games or interesting classes can last much longer.

Speaking about an evening ritual, something difficult does not mean. Perhaps, it will be bathing, then the fairy tale or a lullaby for the night, and it is possible, a quiet conversation with already grown up child "heart-to-heart", a parental kiss at bedtime … In each family the parents independently define what will include an evening ritual. It is important only that actions repeated every evening in a certain sequence and became habitual and pleasant for the child.

Useful habits

Also some useful habits which adults will help to develop help the kid to calm down in the evening. It and quiet walk in the fresh air just before a dream, warm milk with a honey spoon (if, of course, the child has no allergy to this product) or herbal tea with a camomile, airing of the bedroom. By the way, it is more preferable to sleep in the cool room, than in hot and stuffy – the dream will be deeper and will bring really good rest. It is important to exclude before going to bed any factors exciting nervous system: noisy outdoor games, viewing telecasts and another that can excessively excite or excite the child and prevent it to fall asleep quietly.


At the grown-up preschool child the fears preventing it to fall asleep are not excluded. He can begin to be afraid to remain one in the dark, and here it is not necessary to speak about a quiet dream. Help the kid to feel with safety. Include a night lamp in the children's bedroom, eliminate excess noise, create the quiet, cozy atmosphere. Do not tell for the night of the scary or too concerning fairy tales and stories. Perhaps, it is worth staying near the kid until he falls asleep: presence of the loved one will help it to feel surely and quietly. If there is no such opportunity, offer the child a soft toy which he will be able to take in a bed. Tell how his favourite will preserve the kid against nightmares and to attract only good kind dreams. Embracing a favourite bear, the child will feel almost also quietly, as with mom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team