What to do if the child ceased to crap

What to do if the child ceased to crap

If the child ceased to crap itself, he can make an enema as first aid, and after to start elimination of this problem. To correct a food allowance and the drinking mode, having added to it fermented milk products. The great value in treatment of a lock is given to physical activity of the kid.


1. Violations of a functional condition of a colon or the lock is quite widespread disease at children's age. Are subject to it both babies, and children attending kindergarten or school. Quite often the child does not notice painful and unpleasant feelings in a stomach. As a result parents learn about this disease late enough when the lock passes into a chronic form, and it is not possible to cope with a problem by own efforts. What to do if the child ceased to crap?

2. If the act of defecation at the child is followed by pain, and the kcal has dense consistence or is similar to "sheep", it is necessary to take urgent measures. As first aid to the kid years are more senior it is possible to make a cleaning enema warm boiled water, having added to it a little glycerin. It is impossible to put in an anus soap, Q-tips or the thermometer at all. It can lead to injuries of a rectum and suppress a natural reflex to defecation. Do not punish the kid and you do not tell the humiliating words in his address.

3. After each meal land the child on a pot or check that he sat down on a toilet bowl. Correct food of the kid. At its diet there have to be vegetables, fruit and cereals. Exclude whole cow's milk, rice, bananas and the crude apples from the menu. In food of the child fermented milk products – kefir and curdled milk have to take the worthy place. You watch that the kid drank more often, especially on an empty stomach. It is good if its day begins about 0.5 glasses of water before a breakfast, and during the lunchtime he surely has to eat first course. It is better if it is soup.

4. If the lock happened at the baby, then it is necessary to reconsider the food allowance his mothers. It is especially important to analyze the nature of the drinking mode. If you nurse the child, exclude from the diet the products promoting the increased gas generation – cabbage, bean, mushrooms, tomatoes and bread. Refuse the food reducing motility of intestines – strong tea, bilberry, cocoa, turnip, radish, onions, garlic, rice and semolina porridge, kissels.

5. On artificial feeding it is important to kids to pick up quality mix with lactulose, gluten of beans of a carob tree, oligosaccharides and prebiotics. Children with such problems need to give Evita, Narine or Vitaflor ferments. It concerns also the kids who are on breastfeeding. If the child has no appetite, the abdominal distension, and in stool blood is observed, it is necessary to see a doctor. Same concerns cases when you notice at it a kalomazaniye.

6. The doctor can make the decision on appointment to the child of depletive – "Duphalac", "Raglan", Tserukal, Domperidon, etc. In complex treatment of a lock the great value is allocated for intestinal microflora normalization. The expert can recommend to you to resort to phytotherapy. For example, good effect infusion of fruits of an anise, broth of seeds of a plantain, a root of a sorrel horse, fruits of caraway seeds, burdock seeds, etc. has. And it is still very important to increase physical activity of the child. If it is about the chest baby, then do with him exercises and more often massage to him a stomach.

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