What to do if the child cries in kindergarten

What to do if the child cries in kindergarten

Many kids who only started going to a garden cannot get used to it in any way. They cry when parting with mom and just like that for day. How to cope with this problem?

Adaptation to kindergarten is a stress for any child. The kid got used to be near mom, in the center of her attention all the time. And now it got to absolutely new environment. It is surrounded by foreign people, a large number of age-mates, but at the same time is not present a number of the loved one.

The stress can be shown not only by crying, but also hysterics, flat refusal to go to kindergarten or refusal of communication with children. The adaptation period also at each child is not identical and can lasts from several days to several months.

Accustom the child to kindergarten gradually. For several months before you plan to begin to visit a garden, tell the child about this place, about in what are engaged there and as spend free time. It is important to interest in advance the kid that he waited for that day when it is led to this mysterious adult world. It is not less important already at home to begin to observe the regime moments which are provided in the child care facility chosen by you. So the baby quicker and easier adapts in the new environment. In the first day leave the kid in a garden of all for a couple of hours. If this time passes quietly, then it is possible to increase the period of stay in a garden gradually. It is important that the child got used that you surely will come behind him later, and did not worry about it. In 1-2 weeks you will be able already to begin to leave the baby for the whole day. That the baby felt more quietly in an unfamiliar situation, allow it to take a favourite toy or the book in group. So the kid will feel that he is not one. Tell the child about that how much interesting waits for him in a garden: games, fairy tales, dances, songs, new toys and friends. When he understands that there it is much more interesting, than houses, process of adaptation will take place quicker and the child with pleasure will start going to kindergarten. That the child trusted you, always tell him the truth. If you are going to take away the kid home only in the evening, then and tell. You should not deceive the baby, saying that you will come through a half-hour. It will spend the whole day waiting and will worry very much. Tell the sonny or the daughter that everyone has duties. So, mom and dad go to work, the senior children — to school, and kids — to kindergarten. Let the child will feel pride, carrying out the important duty. After a garden surely ask the kid on how there passed it day, than he was engaged and that learned new. It will let the little person know that mom always is near, is interested in his life and supports him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team