What to do if the child does not take a breast

What to do if the child does not take a breast

Breastfeeding is the most natural to the kid, and the skill of sucking is shown at the level of an instinct. But not always establishing this important process happens smoothly. The kid can refuse to take a breast both right after the birth, and in later period.

Physiological reasons

In case of successful childbirth without complications the kid quickly will begin to look for a breast will already in a few minutes and easily take it if to put directly in the rodzal. If it does not occur, a number of the physiological reasons is possible. In this case the doctor can easily define pathology.

Mom can sometimes have problems. For example, too big nipple, or its concave form complicating capture. Besides, some drugs (Dimedrol, morphine) which gave to the woman in labor can interfere with establishing feeding. In this case the kid can refuse a breast, but in several hours the situation stabilizes.

Much more often newborn does not take a breast if problems not at mother, and at him. It is good suck a breast only that child who easily breathes can. Breath difficulty, or too fast removal of slime can complicate breastfeeding.

One of widespread problems - a short podjyazykovy bridle - demands surgery. But if the reason in it, the kid hardly refuses a breast completely: it will be just hard for it to make it correctly.

Refusal of a breast at late age

It happens so that the kid ceases to take a breast when breastfeeding, apparently, is adjusted long ago. If the child at the same time is healthy, try to find out the reason and to pick up its corresponding decision.1. The taste of milk exchanged (because of changes in food, drug intake, power trainings). If breastfeeding is important for you, make so that the taste of milk became former, and offer the child a breast again. 2. You finish feeding the child from a small bottle. It is much simpler to suck liquid from a small bottle, than from a breast therefore the baby can begin to be lazy. Try to finish feeding the child from a spoon, and begin to give a small bottle only when the lactation is completely restored. Do not forget that at correctly adjusted feeding by a breast and a good set of weight in the first months of life the healthy child needs neither additional food, nor water.3. You were absent any time, and it became a stress for the kid. You could not be hour or several days: in different situations it can become for the kid the real stress, and he will refuse a breast. Have patience and tranquility: everything's going to be OK.

It is possible to call similar reasons for refusal of a breast temporary. They have no relation to the real termination of a lactation therefore in your forces to adjust everything.

That the child began to take a breast again, remain with him alone in a quiet situation. Make sure that nothing disturbs him. Wrap up him in a warm diaper and press to yourself to restore corporal contact. You tell tender words, touch and embrace the kid. It is better that the child was a little hungry and sleepy, then return to breastfeeding will take place more successfully.

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