What to do if the child does not want to sit in a carriage?

What to do if the child does not want to sit in a carriage?

If your tot decided that to walk much more pleasantly astride mom, and his weight doubled since the birth for a long time, it is quite possible that on the street to you voluntarily will not want. Not any back will sustain such feats. Let's try to understand how to be.

There are, at least, three ways for those at whom the carriage entered disgrace:

1.      To accustom to it in an amicable way.

2.      Not to pay attention to crying and to roll further.

3.      To use other supportive applications for walk.

Let's consider each of them in more detail.

1) In an amicable way is without forcing the child to cry. If you are not supporters "will cry - will calm down - will pee less", then to pace with the blessed person under acoustic shout of your kid at you it will not turn out. This torture can seem to you it is more terrible than eight-hour carrying on a back.

- Walk in a full state and good mood. The health of the child is better, the it is more than chances of success.

- Arm with favourite toys, nipples, teethers. They will distract from whims.

- Also in an arsenal of many mothers use of crackers, crackers, cookies or other food during walk. Keep in mind that snack has to be enough for all road.

- Experiment with the child's pose in a carriage. Perhaps, he does not like to go exactly lying or, on the contrary, he was tired to sit. Try to roll a carriage facing yourself and from yourself. Some kids like to travel lying on a tummy. Why not?

- Happens that the situation is corrected by change of a carriage. In one it was inconvenient, unpleasant associations besides appeared, and in another became good and comfortable. If you have such opportunity, try "to ride out" a new carriage.

The most important if you want to walk on wheels, do not give in without a fight. Put the child, take him until he is quiet, and try all above-mentioned ways before taking it on hands. Stop, give a toy in hands, give a pacifier, smile and continue walk.

2) If you consider that you crying – manipulation in pure form, then can ignore whims some time. Skilled adherents of such style of education claim that the child learns a lesson: "cry – do not cry, and from a carriage I will not be pulled out". At first it is necessary not easily, and it is a pity to listen to people around and strange glance at you but then and to walk not to leave terrible.

- Do not take out the child from a carriage on each peep. Wait when he calms down, and only then get him to feed or change clothes.

- To calm shouting, it is possible to shake a carriage, to offer a pacifier, but at all not to take on hands.

3) There are also ways to avoid a carriage: baby slings, a kangaroo, backpacks and use of dad as means for transportation of the kid. To at least mother's back so a little easier. Take a baby sling for secure or you leave to walk in it at once. When the kid learns to go, it is possible to drive him for the handle. Also save playgrounds with a swing. Having taken place on knees at mom, the young rebel can shake enough long time.

As a rule, dislike for a carriage passes over time, not at all, but at many. Try different options, stock up with patience, but the main thing - you remember that walk has to give joy to both the kid, and his parents. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team